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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Seashell Contest

This is a story that Mi-Mi wrote in her class last week. What is amazing, to me, is that she made this whole thing up.

The exercise was:
Pick 4 small stickers and 1 BIG sticker. Decorate the box below with the stickers and crayons. Write a story about your pictures and create a title for your story.

This is what she wrote:
One day there was a seashell contest. Two people signed up. The day the contest was here everyone came. The one who got less was 25 and the other got *100*! Every one clapped exsept the other!


  1. Too cute! It's too bad the other girl wasn't a good sport. Ha!

  2. Oh I see now upon closer inspection, it appears the other person was a guy. Typical.

  3. I love seeing that kind of post. Thanks for sharing it.