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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recipe of Me

CJ will KILL ME if she finds out I have posted this...but I live on the edge.

I spent most of the morning purging the pantry: throwing out all the expired stuff and anything else I didn't do anything with all year long.

As I did this, I found this "Recipe of Me" that CJ did earlier in the year. I love it and thought I would share her work.

The "recipe":

2 cups of sarcastic
1/2 cup of caring
1 cup dark
1 gallon of athletic
4 cups smart
5 teaspoons of friendly
10 gallons of happy
100 cups of fun

Combine 2 cups of sarcastic and 10 gallons of happy. Mix all ingredients into the two other ingredients in a movie theater watching a horror movie. Put bowl of mixed ingredients in the sun and wait 2 hours while texting, playing with your friends, and begging your parents for a new phone. After 2 hours in the sun, you will find a short, athletic, smart, 11 year old 6th grader name CJ.

The drawings:


  1. its me kierra!! funni! i wont tell her though.... you can trust me lol

  2. I love that! Hey, she sounds kind of like her mom, too. (-;