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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have a recent appreciation for Pinot Noir.

My memory of it, before last Wednesday, was a watery tasting red. But my BFF Sam had had The Four Graces Pinot Noir before and recommended it. I was hesitant, but since others (OK, the one other person that was early for our department lunch) was impartial to what to order, I threw caution to the wind and said "Let's have it!"

And boy, I am sooooooo glad I did. It was one of the most fabulous wines I've had in awhile. In my short repertoire of wine tasting notes, the only word I could think of was: juicy.

And the aroma? Heaven sent. I can't describe it in words (yet) but one of the most important things to me about wine is being able to smell a wondrous fragrance from the wine. I have yet to meet a wine that tastes bad when it smells so good.

So when I got the bad news about my foot on Friday, I stopped at a new local wine shop on the way home to pick up a cheap-but-tasty-and-hopefully "juicy" Pinot Noir.

Let me also add that I believe I have been calling it a PEE-nyo-nwar: the eñe "n" in Spanish. I don't recall saying it that way but the way the lady at the local wine store looked at me (slight but noticeable to me), I figured I said it wrong. To be fair, it is not completely out of ignorance that I pronounce it that way; if no one is saying "Pee-not"it just seemed to be a natural way of saying it *to me*.

So while I enjoyed the PEE-no-nwar that the wine shop person recommended (Redtree for $7.99 - a great buy!), I didn't like the assumption that I was not a wine connoisseur.

Although I'm not (yet) quite an expert, I am a comfortable-novice. I won't dis her totally; she was nice. And I support local. And while I haven't supported local wine stores, my new goal is to do that as I was able to find this one for $7.99...and there was another Pinot Noir she had for $5.99!


  1. Next time, ask for a recommendation for a good New Zealand Pinot. They are world famous for them as well as Sauvignon Blancs...

  2. Thanks! The NZ Pinot is now on my list. I'm working on the Blancs...not a bit fan of whites. In fact, I don't like whites. But I'm working on steps: just thinking about _trying_ a white. Probably will do @ a wine tasting...