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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's One of THOSE Days...

The good news is that I made it into work OK.

When I got to the gym to get ready for my track workout, I "found" out that I forgot a sports bra. Great. "Oh well." I thought to myself. Count me lucky for being small chested as running "free" will not affect me too bad.

But it's mighty cold outside and, well, I didn't want to fret about my headlights showing. So I was fortunate enough to wear a bra with a camisole and a shirt. So the bra could go for a run and I would still be OK without it.

Oh. Let me preface that with the fact that I realized that I forgot my Garmin watch! The track is not wear one wants to be watchless, so I grabbed a stopwatch from the gym to use.

This sucks as I have to rely on my not-so-keen memory because the splits aren't saved. Why it has a split button, I don't know. I'm not _that_ old school.

And I forgot a jacket. It turned out to be OK but it was fricking cold and I was thinking: what the hell else can I forget?

I didn't forget gloves, albeit brown, cotton gloves that were made for something like Shrek, because they are for someone with short, fat fingers. Whatever. It's all I have.

And I remembered to bring one of those things that covers your ears while you run...the headband thingy.

So Frank and I are off. The warm-up was GREAT. I felt awesome and the cold was not biting. It actually felt really good.

Then it was time to start the 4x1Ks. First one: I was off by :18 seconds. It didn't feel like I was pushing hard so I thought it was an OK way to start out.

Second one felt harder: :08 seconds off. Wow. I'm not even getting close to my goal time!

Third one: :03 seconds off. Fourth one: :04 seconds off! I didn't make my time on any of them!!!

And I really felt like I didn't care if I did. I was OK with it.

When we got done, Runner Rob asked if the gloves off to the side were mine. I said they were and asked: guess you were eyeing my big brown gloves! To which another responded "Rob was actually looking to snag a stopwatch". Great. Now they make fun of the technology I use.

The rest of the afternoon went by 1 million miles an hour. I had a jam packed afternoon after my run. I tried to scarf down my lunch in ~5 minutes but I missed my goal time by 2 minutes.

Then, when I had it all together...when I thought, I got this. I am in control of my day...I'm on my way to my 1PM meeting. I'm good. I'm good! I made it to the first floor of my building only to discover that I left my purse in my office.

And it didn't end there. I couldn't just shoot back up to the sixth floor...I had to go down to the basement, wait for new riders to jump on, before making it back to the sixth.

But at least I made it home OK. :)

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  1. Sometimes i go through forgetful phases where one day i forget my bra (and i can't recover from that, ahem!), another day i'll forget my shoes... One day i brought two right-footed shoes with me. One day i forgot socks, but i made do without, though my feet weren't happy.