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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Did I Do?

I decided to reflect on the 2009 goals I laid out for myself last year.

My first take were my blogging goals. It looks like I didn't fare so well.

* I bagged the mattress sightings. The last one I posted about was in April. I just didn't have the desire to keep up with it anymore. I saw some funky ones too. I still find it fascinating to see mattresses in weird places amongst moving vehicles so if one is truly out of the ordinary, I may sneak one in. But it's no longer a keeper.

* Local restaurant reviews didn't quite go as I planned. The key is to have partners willing to eat at these establishments with me. I have one picky eater and one picky restaurant chooser. I may have to make "date night" with my one open-minded, non-picky eater to try out the places I want to try. Or try them for lunch with the work bunch, but that requires me giving up gym/run time and I'm not sure I'll be willing to do that, that often.

I did hit a few places this past year though:
- Waraji - In hindsight, it was just OK. Maybe I'll try it again for something other than sushi, since I am a simpleton at that.

- Chubby's Tacos - One of my favorite finds of the year. The tacos and guac are spicy, so not for the timid palates (which includes the familia) so it becomes a lunch target. The chips are fresh made and to me, every bit worth going to this place just for them! But the prices are excellent and despite the crazy line that forms to order, worth its wait!

- The Old Bar @ Goodnight's - One word, two syllables: CAH-RAP. This is a money-making venture and nothing less. Cheap ingredients, cheap food, at high price. Is it worth saving money to see a comedy show? Perhaps. If you don't give a shit about eating even mediocre food just to get good ticket seats. It's sort of like the feeling that you pimp yourself out. If you have no scruples, then yes, it's worth it.

- Seoul Garden - Great service, good food but so out of the way that I probably will not return.

I've tried other places; just haven't blogged about them.

* Posting funny mug shots didn't pan out so well either. It seemed, if I looked for them, they weren't funny or scary. I found one, which still cracks me up. I saw others over the past year but by then, I had also bagged this goal. Sometimes the story behind the mugshot wasn't as funny as the mugshot itself...

* Lastly, keeping track of the Oscar-nominated movies also did not pan out well. Time was my biggest factor. I just didn't have enough time to make the time. I did catch two movies, The Wrestler and Tropic Thunder. Have the Golden Globe nominations been announced? Maybe I have a chance for redemption in 2010?


  1. Yep, the golden globes have been posted:

    I always think i will watch these movies, too, but inevitably i see 2 or 3 of them and the rest i either never see, or it ends up in my netflix queue 2 years later.

  2. That Chubby's Tacos looks excellent. Let me know if you want to go for lunch sometime!

  3. Ann: you just made my day! I'd love to join you there for lunch one day!

  4. Audrey: I just previewed some of the nominations and, well, guess I'll skip that challenge! Not really interested in seeing Precious, or some of these others listed...guess I'm not willing to sacrifice my time & money for blog postings!!