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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Getting Tired

It was hard to make the decision to run this morning. I tried to find an excuse not to:

* it rained a lot last night; Umstead trails will be flooded.
* I'll be all alone this early at Umstead
* I have a meeting that I will miss
* I can skip it; I ran Tuesday

But I knew I had to get it in...I really did _want_ to run. There is satisfaction when I fight through the excuses and get it in...and normally, once running, I enjoy it.

I made it in earlyish (7:30) as I had day two of a two day class that would begin at 9. I had six miles as my plan and I was going to do the 10K loop we have at work.

I started my run and felt pain in my left foot. I have felt this more and more the past week during my runs but at some point, I either can ignore it or it goes away.

Today was not one of those days. And on top of the pain in my left foot, my right ham/glute felt heavy. I think I am just wearing down and am ready to finish my training for the year and take a break.

My half marathon is now the one on the 13th vs. the original plan of running this Saturday's Mistletoe. I think my body is ready to be done. Remember, I have completed six races since September, so I am pretty much done with it...even though I wanted to end with a big one, the half. I'm not even in the mood to outline my 2010 race calendar because I'm just done with the idea of running anymore.

No worries. I will race in 2010. I just don't want to think about it right now.

So the pains continued and I took a nice long break, walking up half mile hill. I also cut the 10K to 5 1/2 miles as my legs couldn't bear it...and then there was the case of running out of time, as it was closing in on 8:30 and I take quite a bit of time to get ready after my runs.

I ended up deciding to wear my old running shoes to class vs. my dressy chunky heels with my nice business casual outfit. I'm thinking this may be the dress code for the next few days, until I hit race day.

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