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Friday, December 04, 2009

Elitists Run Rampant

Why do these people exist? Why? They are just as bad as cockroaches. Why can't they just become extinct.

Don't misunderstand: I don't want to kill people off. I want this attitude to be gone with. Why can't people just enjoy their own lives without judging and admonishing others that do something different?

Why can't everyone just be like me? :)

I recently read a blog entry that was advertised on 30Threads. No, I'm not going to put it here and give it more weight. Suffice it to say, the post was about trying out cheap wines.

It started out really well: a description of the several types of wine purchased under $5. Description of the wine and how it tasted, etc. And there were good remarks and bad remarks and the blogger kept the writing to just information without any snootiness about drinking a 'cheap' wine.

I read the comments and they were pretty respectable...until the elitist decides to jump in with his asinine monologue on how $5 wine is to fine wine as McDonald's is to fine dining. This is truly a very short summary to his awful, arrogant, I'm-such-a-fucking-connoisseur comment.

Boy. Did that get my blood boiling. "ASSHOLE!" I yelled at my computer screen. I can't WAIT to read the comments after that, I said to myself. Someone's going to rip him a new one!!

And guess what?

No one said anything about that asshole's comment. What?

In fact, not only did they not counter him but the original blogger wrote another post APOLOGIZING for trying cheap wines! And quoted this motherfucker's entire comment in his blog!! Giving him WEIGHT FOR HIS COMMENT!!

And then out of the woodwork, other comments agreeing to the fact that cheap wines are yucky (my words).

I typed out several variations of comments only to stop and simply state: 'I can't relate to any of you.'

And I can't. I simply can't. I am no wine connoisseur nor do I pretend to be one...and if you talk like that MFer did, I only think you are a lip-synching wine-whore. I am not impressed.

But the elitists are everywhere. I can't get away from them, as hard as I try. I just read this article from Jeff Galloway. I loved it and he didn't hold back, although he used better, cleaner language than I do. In this article, he responds to an article in the NY Times about how slow runners have ruined the image of marathons.


There will always be slow runners in a marathon because not everyone can cross the finish at the same time.

Ah...but what's the definition of slow? There isn't one unless your a fucking elitist runner. Or you're a slow runner...because WE have no egos about our running ability.

No one can do anything anymore without someone out there pointing a finger with tsk! tsk! on their brains, as though they are the only ones who can decide who or what is worthy of their time.

Empathy, my dear ignoramuses, empathy. Look it up. And until you figure out what the hell that means and can fit that into the little space that's left in your pea-brain (because your ego has taken up a majority of it), stay the hell away from me.

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  1. What elitist fucking crap! I'm incensed! I'm referring to the comments about how 'slow' marathoners are bringing down the "marathon accomplishment." What the hell? These people boggle my mind. Running is, for most people, a personal thing, where you are really racing against yourself. How can anyone judge other people's efforts as Not Good Enough?

    The wine issue is annoying too - wine snobs abound. Personally i haven't found many wines that i don't like. Again, isn't it a personal thing? Finding wines that YOU like that you can afford?