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Sunday, December 06, 2009


I waited until today (Sunday) to do my long run vs my normally scheduled Saturday run. Yesterday was just awful with rain all day. Every time I checked the iTouch for the temperature -- thinking that I would run in the drizzle -- the temperature continued dropping. Forty-three degrees. OK. Let me wait until it gets closer to 46 degrees. Next check? Forty degrees!! What the heck? I finally bagged the decision to run yesterday around 2:30 PM, which helped stopped the crazy continued thinking of "Should I or shouldn't I".

So today I head out for my run and guess what the temp was? Thirty-nine degrees! ACK! But the day was SUNNY so I didn't have to run in the rain.

My plan was to run two miles out on Black Creek from Old Reedy Creek...this would give me four, out-and-back...then run two miles out into Umstead to get four out-and-back, for my total of eight planned. This plan would allow me to run less hills.

However, once I started, I noticed a muddy spot in which I almost slipped going around. Then there was "crud" that blocked a section of the trail, again from the rain. Then at the bottom of the hill, Lake Crabtree had overflowed onto the trail. Three times and you're out! I turned around and bagged running Black Creek and headed into Umstead for my eight.

Overall, I had a decent run. But if you know anything about Umstead, you know that it's very slanty and hilly. I really wasn't in the mood for these although I tried to keep myself mentally UP for it because it looks like my Run for Victory route is very hilly. $Bill just ran a hilly half route and he had mentioned the mental battle for getting it done.

Then the ruminations begin: how the hell am I going to run a hilly route? My legs are not liking it and I'm just mentally TIRED. I don't think I can get an aggressive pace, as I did for the Tar Heel 10 and Anna's Angels. I decided that I was going to fail...that I was setting myself up for failure.

I ended mentally crushed.

But I managed to get over myself while washing away my dirt, grime and sweat.

So my race plan is going to cover what I think can happen on race day.

Goal Plan: This would be to run around an 8:55 pace, which would get me around a 1:57 finish time. This would break my 2:00 PR. This, technically, would be a good, competitive pace and would get me sub-2, which would be my plan for this half.

Ideal Plan: This plan would be to run an 8:45 pace, roughly better than the Tar Heel 10 Miler I did this past April. This is a very aggressive, competitive pace, but it's my ideal race day plan. This would put me at a 1:54 finish time.

Worst Case Plan: Well, let me just say, the worst case plan is a DNF (did not finish). I think that goes without saying will be a plan I don't plan for :). So my worst case plan is to go 10 minute mile average pace, which would put me around 2:10. This is the time I did at my first half marathon and it was an aggressive pace to keep during that time. I think I can keep a 10 minute mile pace if I end up giving up mentally, or feeling really tired.

The route is supposedly hilly so I am anticipating a tough run mentally and physically...but my races this past year have not been flat and I've dealt with the mental battle at each race.

I know I can put in the miles. I have these past several weeks. It's just how much I can put forth on race day, based on how I feel that day, what the weather is like, and how bad those hills are.

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  1. You will break 2 hours, and hopefully you will beat 1:58:47 so I have something to shoot for next year ;-). Stay positive and buy some running gloves