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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Being Thankful

Mi-Mi amazes me with her sentences in writing. I can't believe the stuff she writes, how she writes, etc. She's only six! And I sometimes think the writing is done by her teacher in technique and in tone. But most of all, her writing is honest and pure. It just gives me chills.

I was amazed when I read this exercise from class...apparently a writing exercise to state what they are thankful for. There were several things she wrote for Thanksgiving but this one I recently read (post-Thanksgiving) and was really curious as to what brought her sentiment...since we don't generally "teach" this at home.

What it says:
I am thankful for my family. They are helpful to me and their funny and fun. I love my family so much! I am thankful for my food. I am thankful for god. I love my food and god.


  1. I need ten minutes rebuttal with her on this

  2. On the food or god? ;)

    Seriously, we don't have expressions of religion in the home...well, let me correct that...the expressions are not typically positive. So i'm not sure who in her class is sharing their sentiment.

    Personally, it doesn't bother me.