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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Fitness Goals

I haven't figured out my running goals entirely yet. I'm still recovering from the stress fracture and burn out from all the running and racing I did, especially these past few months.

I can honestly say that the first half of the year will have me race less. Maybe I'll hit the Fall Road Race series again but I'm slowing down racing every other weekend for the first part of the year.

I was seriously contemplating the Roanoke Canal Half Marathon, scheduled in March. I'm now leaning towards not racing in it. Instead, I am leaning towards building a running plan with CJ and Mi-Mi. This may mean doing things separately with them. I haven't fully decided on that, but I would rather concentrate on running with them and building a 5K for CJ to run.

A half can wait. Sure. Some of you think "hey, you can do both!" Um, no. I can't. I get semi-obsessed with my running goals...

P90X will continue. It's so freaking hard but it freaking works.

Forget losing weight. My new numbers that I will monitor are: my heart rate, blood pressure and a few of my body measurements.

A great article from Runner's World came out (Weight Loss by the Numbers for Runners at Runner's World) that I will use for my basis in the New Year. Of course, none of this is new information. Body measurements have been recommended by most fitness programs for years. But, typically, "we" tend to focus on the weight vs. the other numbers.

My weight dropped only a few pounds this past year but my clothes were dropping off of me. This made me very happy. :)

So the other numbers I will be paying more attention to are my measurements: waist, hip and thigh measurements will be monitored more regularly than before.

My heart rate will continued to be monitored although I'd like to get the 411 on my max heart rate. The article above states not to compare my heart rate to others but when my max heart rate reaches 207, I start to worry. I plan to talk to my doc in the New Year about it and how to determine if this is normal or not.

I'll keep tabs on my resting heart rate too.

My blood pressure is good except for the occasion that I had a prescription that increased it beyond normal. But I need to make sure I keep tabs on it so I can rule out any heart problems with the head episodes that I have been getting.

I plan to swim more. Yes. It's true. I am going to incorporate swimming into my fitness plan. This does not mean I will be doing a triathlon yet. But I am less weird about swimming than I was a year and a half ago, so I need to take advantage of it and 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming'.

More wallyball. :) I had planned to play at least once a week before our winter break at work but when the foot thing came to play, my plan went down the drain. I played once with the foot pain and I managed but, as it was with running, it wasn't easy.

I hope Carlos and I can bring back a great finish in this year's Mixed Doubles League. We played with the 'big dogs' this year and didn't make the big wins but we did pretty well.

So this is it for now. Nothing major, IMO. But enough to keep me busy and happy.

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