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Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Race Review

I didn't get too torn up about missing my planned half marathon earlier this month after thinking back to my past year of racing.

I did pretty well! I ran a total of eleven races and PR'd five of them:
* a 20K (PR)
* 2 10 Milers (PR'd one of them)
* a 10K
* an 8K (PR)
* 5 5Ks (PR'd one of them)
* a 1 miler (PR)

I logged over 923 miles for the year, which equates to over 157 hours of running. That is *a lot* of running.

I look forward to my time off now and I don't feel one single bit of guilt about it. My foot is feeling so much better; still tender as I can still feel some soreness, but I am no longer limping.

I look forward to starting back to my running regiment in 2010 and am already planning 2010's race plan.

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