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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What A Gay Life!

I loved this bit that aired on The John Stewart Show last week (November 19th, to be exact). It's about William Phillips, a 10 year old boy who is refusing to stand up and say the pledge allegiance because there is no liberty and justice for all, specifically, gay people.

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What is great about this, is not just little Will standing up for something he believes in, but his *dad* sitting there, next to him, during his interview, supporting, smiling, being proud, of William and what he has done.

And quite honestly IMO, the dad doesn't look like a stereotypical "gay supporter". Nor does being from Arkansas fit the bill.

But that kid is so fricking smart. And I have to give a big THANK YOU to his family, who obviously helped him think like a man should think. Note: women too, but in this case, William is a male.

How do you teach a KID to stand up for what he believes in? Without fear of repercussions, which did happen by the very fact that his "peers" (not worthy of the name) called him a "gay-tard".

Sure. You can support it in the house, but it doesn't mean that you actually SAY anything to outside people!

Let me tell you: I still know people who refuse to say anything about their true colors for fear of reaction. And these are "adults". Whatever.

This news item lets me talk about why I love the show Glee so much.

It's cheesy, with it's cheesy vocals. But it's delightful and quirky. The cast of characters are interesting. Kurt Hummel is one of the characters who is a flamingly gay teenaged boy.

And while that's not so unusual, but what what makes his character, and the show, stand out the most is his dad (played by Mike O'Malley).

The dad is a stereotypical 'man's man': a mechanic, where's a hat, very gruff. But when Kurt comes out to his dad, his dad states that he's always known that since he was a little kid.

And thus, the surprise of the show after so many episodes, a not-so-typical-looking-acting-dad, who supports his son being gay. And doesn't try to change him. Nor does he hide it. In fact, in one episode, he goes to the principal, standing up for Kurt and his desire to sing a song that is typically sung by a woman.

KUDOS TO GLEE for bringing the dad character to the screen. I LOVE that they have done this and I'm so glad that the family enjoys watching this show together.

The other show that also embraces homosexuality *and* within a committed relationship is Modern Family.

Besides being one of the funniest TV sitcoms I have seen in a very looooongggg time, we have a gay couple, who have adopted a baby girl from China, who are accepted by their manly dad -- played by the king of the most homophobic, biased, sitcom dad of all-time, Al Bundy (AKA Ed O'Neill).

And yet another show that the family enjoys together. It's great to see these shows embrace a positive attitude about acceptance, with regard to homosexuality. And it's great to know that this isn't always just a fantasy for TV or movies...that there are real people like William Phillips and his family who feel the same way.

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