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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Was It Really That Bad?

I have been taking my oldest to her middle school girls' volleyball games this entire VB season. Today was the last game.

And every time I have gone, I have had sympathy pains, dare I say, FLASHBACKS even?, of life in middle-to-high school for me.

Every clumsy, scrawny, goofy looking girl I see, reminds me of me.

Every blonde, blue-eyed, iPhone carrying bimbo I look at (I'm not bitter) reminds me of those that were worshiped. Seems very little has changed since I was in middle school.

And I think about where my girl will fit in...would she care where she fit in? I hope not but the sad truth is, at some point, it will.

If only I could give her the confidence I have now, and how little shit I give about fitting in. I can't. And I know that she'll have to learn on her own.

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