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Saturday, November 21, 2009


So after our Friday outing at Six Forks Cinema for New Moon, and dinner at MoJoe's, we returned home to a big jump on the door.

Um. That's not supposed to happen. Nothing should be jumping on the door from the inside because the cat can't make that big of a sound and Brenna the dog should be in the crate.

But she wasn't.

And as soon as we came in, we saw the turmoil that occurred in our absence.

The worst? A two-tier, chocolate frosted chocolate cake, which was almost fully uncut sans a small piece, GONE. The lid was in one location; the base somewhere else. And other trash strewn throughout the room.

First of all: chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Second of all: We lost an entire chocolate cake!! *We* didn't get to EAT the CAKE.

At the time, toxicity for the dog was not important after seeing the mess.

But after much thinking, we have concluded to the following:

1. It is our fault that we did not make sure the dog was crated. We assumed so, or forgot, because we were so excited about seeing New Moon.

2. The dog will live.

3. None of this ever, ever happened until the cat came into the picture.

There has been at least two other occasions in which food was taken DOWN from cabinetry and remnants of packaging scattered throughout the house.

Before Sunkist (the cat), Brenna (the dog) did not do this. Sure, she may have gotten into food that was within reach, but she is not a jumper or grabber.

The cat, however, has always knocked things down, crawled into cabinets and opened up cereal (Captain Crunch seems to be a favorite) and taken a snack or two to it. He does this when WE ARE HOME...vs. when we are gone.

But I think that when we are gone and we accidentally forget to put Brenna away, he gets more malicious.

Hey dog! Want some cake? I hear it's toxic, er, I mean, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU. Have some...I'll help knock it down for you. [Swat cakes to the floor.]

When the girls and I left the house yesterday for errands, the dog AND THE CAT were crated. The girls commented that Sunkist had a look of "What the heck are you doing? I am BENEATH being crated!!!"

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  1. sounds like you have a George Carlin Cat. I think it goes something like...

    Fuck that I'm a cat. Something break? Ask the dog.