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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If I Have To Run One More Time...

You know that old saying, "if I see one more , I'm going to scream/kill/punch/insert-appropriate-verb!" That's how I felt running Tuesday...if I have to run one more time!!!

And it was a track workout, so there was a lot of running.

I started off feeling pretty good. I was confident in getting these 800s @ 3:45-3:50 pace on target. I ran 4 miles yesterday and felt great. My 1.5 mile warm-up today felt really good too.

But I started slow on the first 800 and had to pick up my pace in the last 400 to barely get a 3:52 time. This puttered me out. And the rest of the 800s (4 total) felt just as hard. I was just struggling to make my times and barely at that. My legs would just feel tickly (and not in a good way) the first 200 of the run. I kept trying to say "this is how tired legs feel when you push them! Get used to it!" but I really didn't like that feeling and would rather not get used to it. No worries there. I didn't get used to it as every time I ran an interval I felt it and thought the same thing.

After 4x800s, I 4x400s. One would think I would look forward to those, but those were faster than the 800s! I just tried not to focus too much on what I had to do and just do them. As predicted, the 400s were difficult. In fact, after the first 400, which I did in 1:46 (goal 1:45), I felt like I was going to puke. I truly felt sick and thought: "aha! This is what that feels like." Then my next thought was "Shit, I have three more to do!"

I wasn't dressed right for the weather. I had my running pants on, thinking that it would be chilly for me. Instead, I was burning up and feeling heat in my feet.

But I pulled through and got the workouts in. I didn't make my goal times, although I was within a 10 second range at my worst. It was a hard workout. I look forward to seeing this payoff at Saturday's 5K race.

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