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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Free to Breathe 5K Race Report

Talk about "Wham! Bam! Thank you Ma'am!"

I left the house about 8:55 AM for the race, which started at 9:30. Ran. Got my girls from Tim (he headed off to work after seeing me finish). Made it back home at 10:30.

Coach B called me the day before and gave an accurate account of the race course: first mile up; second mile down; third rolling.

I was supposed to be around 8:45 the first mile; take advantage of the second mile downhill and see what I can do the third mile. I did all of that except I was more conservative on the first mile. In hindsight, I wish I had run it just a little faster.

My mile splits were off about 9-10 seconds than what was called out. I never seem to get my watch started close to their time which always confuses me. I started when the whistle blew, vs. when I crossed the finish, and I'm still 10 seconds behind the their gun time. And today it bugs me since, again, I'm so close to the fringes of time: 25:56 finish by my watch (for a 3.17 mile course by my watch).

Although I wasn't too concerned about how I would do, I did want to run a good, competitive race. I started, as usual, in a mad dash to get there. I had a short panic attack when I couldn't find parking, only to realize one lot over was quite empty. It wasn't a big turnout (sadly, since it is for Lung Cancer).

I got my bib and my chip and I was looking for the start. I found Mary Carson-Flood and congratulated her on her NYC marathon. I was surprised to see her out here running but it is a 5K, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem for her...just get her legs kicking again.

We separated into our mile per minute groups. They actually had signs out there for 6, 7, and 8 mn miles! I planted myself around the 8, then moved back a bit to put myself around 8:30.

I met another runner, new to the area, who was out just to get a run in. We talked a bit and then the gun went off.

The first mile was just as Coach B stated. It didn't feel too bad but I don't know why I was going slower than I felt I was going. At the first mile split, the time called out was 9 minutes vs. the 8:55 I had on my watch (which went off before the actual split was called out).

I didn't dwell on it too much but I didn't like hearing that time. The next mile was indeed downhill and that was awesome. I passed a ton of people here and even though I was speeding by folks, I wasn't amazingly blazing down this mile. My average pace was 7:44. I was happy with that one.

Mile 2 split was mumbled out, something like "mmmmmFORTY-FIVE". What? What "45"? I looked at my watch and saw 16, so I must have been at 16:45. I tried to do the math in my head and figured it was still far off from 8 mn miles, which I would have rather been closer to.

One mile left to go and I tried to think: it's just a 1600. I tried to imagine where I would be on the track. I could see the runners coming back from a turn-around spot and it made me think: geez, I wish I was in that spot. The run continued down and I thought, what goes down must go up? I didn't want to slow down and I didn't until probably around the 1/2 mile to go sign -- that's an 800! I can do an 800. I slowed down to just under 8 minute miles at 7:59. I really wanted to keep it to that point and managed to do so with a 7:59 mile 3.

And then the last .1, which was actually .17 by my watch, was the longest part. How do I end 3 miles with a 24:34 pace but finish with 25:56? That is one long .1 mile.

So my gun time will be over 26 minutes. I am shallow enough to admit I would have liked it to be under 26. I'd like to think I can run 25s now in these 5Ks.

Next race is Thanksgiving morning. An 8K Turkey Trot. Not sure what I plan for that one yet...

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