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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frank's Marathon Report

Today is a day to quote my BFF's blogs, I guess.

I can't stop laughing about my BFF Frank's blog report on his Richmond Marathon race report. I'm sorry Frank. But I have to copy your dream into my own post. This is just too funny.

Friday night before the race, I tried to go to bed a little early to get a good night sleep. I woke up at midnight after my first dream. I dreamed that the marathon was in a house. Each lap around the house was a mile. I started strong and finished my 26 laps. When I looked up at the microwave, which was the mile marker, I had run 3.1 miles. A 5K! I felt so defeated, I quit and didn't finish. You can obviously tell that no matter how positive I was trying to be, subconsciously, I was not feeling too good.

Of course, Frank was able to finish the actual marathon without major issues with the microwave. But I just can't stop thinking about this dream and how fricking HILARIOUS it is...I have to share. Thanks Frank!

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  1. That made me laugh from the belly! What a great dream! Thanks for sharing it.