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Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Timers

Just thought I'd note a few "first times" for me this past week. They aren't significant in life, but they are things that were notable enough to stand out for me.

As I've mentioned before, I love love love wallyball. I play pretty well, especially with my partner in crime, Carlos. Truthfully, I think I play pretty well because he is such an amazing strategist...and somehow, I know how to be his assistant in his strategizing.

But all these years, I never serve overhand. I do to practice and see if I _can_. And it helps, IMO, when I hit. But I have a pretty kick-ass underhand serve, so I stick to that.

But last Wednesday, I decided, no matter what the score was, I would serve entirely overhand. Inspired by CJ's school's girls volleyball team, I did it. And I think I served two sloppy but despite the losing -- and feeling pretty cocky that if I just served underhand, we could win -- I kept going with the overhand.

But the next game I went with the underhands. :)

The next first was running the American Tobacco Trail this past Saturday. $Bill suggested we give the trail a try for our 13 miler. Well, technically, I had 12 and *he* had 13 but, as we said, 'what's one mile when you're running 12?'

I met him at one of the trailheads in Apex and off we went. Well, off meaning trudging along at a 10:30ish pace. In all actuality, I wasn't feeling that great at the start of the run. It wasn't that cold but my chest felt heavy and I wondered how the hell I was going to get 13 miles under my belt feeling like that. The heavy chest feeling is not a feeling I've had before, so it was unusual.

We pulled it through and at 6.6 miles, we had been doing pretty darn good. We had enough to talk about, which is always nice when you have about two hours to run. About nine miles, I think we were both feeling the pain of the long run. When we had two miles left, $Bill said something silly like running these in 8s and for some reason, we sped up. One was to finish this faster...two was, as we decided to say "for Brennan and Frank" who were running the Richmond Marathon that day...and three, BECAUSE WE COULD! So we ran the last two miles in 17 minutes, or something close to that.

I think it's cool that there are things still left for me to get excited about, in my growing old age. :)

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  1. And the funny thing was that after we started running faster at the end the pain I was having in my hip flexors went away. It just felt good to run at a different pace and I guess the quicker pace forced a better stride and posture. Another reason why flat races might not be the best choice for longer distances.