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Friday, November 13, 2009

Did You Know...

For those who read blogs, did you know that bloggers actually LOVE comments? We love seeing comments on our posts. It helps us know that we have readers. And what they think about what we just wrote. It gives us a feeling of "someone is really reading my blog" and a boost to our ego.

OK. So maybe I am speaking for myself, but I am sure there are fellow bloggers who would agree.

And if you are afraid to post a comment, don't be. Once you do one comment, you will find it isn't a scary thing to do.

The hard part of welcoming comments is when you disagree with me. But you know what? That's OK. We can debate or you can just accept the fact that I am right. :)


  1. Another comment lover here! :) Couldn't leave this post without a comment, so here's your first! ;)

  2. I love comments, too! I love that you comment on my posts sometimes and i try to do the same. I remember the very first time i ever commented on anything, i was so nervous! I had always been a lurker before, and never really felt i could contribute anything of interest. Funny to compare that with now, when sometimes i just ramble on at length without giving it another thought...