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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Losing It?

I have mentioned that I have had a couple of weird episodes where my right hand goes numb and then I have trouble articulating for the next 24 hours. I also had another episode where I felt like my legs weren't mine and then all the other weird things that happened with the hand numbness.

I did mention this before, haven't I?

So the past week, three things have me wondering if I am losing my mind: due to above mentioned ailment, senility, early warning signs of Alzheimer's, or just plain being a dingbat.

Number 1 dingbat incident: I was making another cup of coffee for myself. I opened the cupboard to grab a coffee mug and noticed the cream was in there. I had placed the cream in the cupboard vs. the refrigerator.

Number 2 dingbat incident: My Turkey Trot race...thinking I had only (nearly) four miles to run vs. five.

Number 3 dingbat incident: My run today. After $Bill and I split up for our different distances, I turned back to finish my miles and got my iTouch out...ready for some Keith and the Girl. No sound. I kept pushing the button up and wondered what the fuck was wrong with it now. About a week ago, it was stuck on headphones even without the headphones. I took the headphone plug out, stuck it back in. Still no sound. Until I realized, I hadn't put the headphones ON MY FRICKING HEAD.

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