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Monday, October 12, 2009

What Is It?

Last night, we were watching the latest Saturday Night Live(recording). The bit was the Larry King Live show and what men do with their wieners. The girls were watching too, so there was a bit of awkward silence while we watched. After a good minute or two of 'why men want to put their wieners in things', Mi-Mi asks "What's a wiener?"

I died laughing...tears flowing from my eyes. It was too funny.

Tim said "it's a hotdog". And she just had a look of confusion, then disbelief.

'Really. What's a wiener?'

So I decided to whisper it to her...I leaned down and whispered "It's a penis".

Silence and another weird look on her face.

The silence and a look of confusion continued for another minute when she whispered back to me "It's a peanut?"

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