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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday Track

Did I mention that I like doing track workouts? I do. They are hard. And today was hard.

Usually, while I enjoy the workout, during it I am thinking "I don't like running fast". That's exactly what yesterday felt like. My legs were feeling rubbery. But not as rubbery as Saturday's race. But not comfortable like Monday's recovery run.

Tuesday's track workout ended up being over a six mile run: 2 mile warm-up, 2x1 mile@8:15 (400 recovery), 2x800@3:50-3:55 (200 recovery) and 1/2 mile cool down.

I did it with times faster than target: 8:02 for both miles and 3:45/3:46 for the 800s. For some reason, I kept pushing the stop button vs. the lap button during my 800s. Not a big deal but it breaks it up when I upload my data to RunningAhead.

So the good news is that I pushed myself hard to go beyond my targets. The bad news is that I still feel like I don't want to run fast. But I'm gonna have to if I want to break 25 at my next 5K.

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