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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Triangle Run/Walk for Autism Race Report

I wanted to break 25 with this race. I didn't do it.

I still had the goal in my head, despite the fact that I didn't put in a run this week. Also, despite the facts that:
* I didn't eat very well all week; "very well" including 'not much'.
* I drank a lot of alcohol this week...more than usual.
* I stood/walked on my feet more hours of the day than not.
* I was jet lagged beyond belief after being up for 24 hours (maybe not quite that long, but greater than 16).
* All the walking in sandals made the top of my left foot sore. I add this but I didn't feel this during the run.

I *still* believed I could do it. I wasn't nervous and actually, tentative but pumped for the run. The course is the almost similar to Run for the Oaks, except reversed, so I was comfortable that the course was PR-able. I still think it is but despite my other reasons, the humidity just killed my goal. I blame it on the humidity and lack of proper nutrition.

The first mile or so went extremely well. I had a pretty decent gait that didn't feel fast and I was averaging a 7:58 minute/mile for that first one. If I could keep it close, I knew I had a great chance of doing pretty well.

But I soon noticed that my feet were burning up. This was not good since I was just a mile into it. Hot feet never ever ever improve. Blame that on humidity.

The first hill I encountered was what struck me down. I attempted to do what I did at the 10 miler, which was to keep a strong pace up the hill. I wasn't trying to speed up it but maintain a decent pace and not slow down. From that hill, which was closer to the two mile mark, my whole comfortable pattern was gone.

My heart rate monitor started buzzing. I had turned on the heart rate zones a couple weeks ago and this was the first time I had heard it go off. Sure enough - I was in the 200s. Wow. I just saw that as I write this, so I'm a bit surprised! Blame the humidity on this one.

The heart rate monitor continued to go off and I see that the next two-point-one miles had me in the 200s...ending with a 207 heart rate!!! That is the HIGHEST I have ever seen.

But somewhere along the buzzing of the heart rate monitor, I noticed my legs felt very rubbery and they couldn't hold me up. That, I believe, is from not being nutritionally sound for the week. I just kept forging ahead, just wondering how I was going to make it to the finish...and wondering why I did 10 miles better than 3.1.

I ended up with an unofficial 26:16...far off from the sub-25 I wanted. I have another race in a couple of weeks, so I'll have to work hard to make sure I prepare myself for it. My splits show my struggle:
Mile 1: 7:58 max heart rate: 189
Mile 2: 8:25 max heart rate: 203
Mile 3: 8:58 max heart rate: 206
0.13 mile: 0.55 max heart rate 207

I found $Bill afterward. We walked quite a bit, drank a lot of water, before we both felt like we weren't actually going to pass out. I don't know my official time yet but $Bill said it looked like I placed 6th out of 36 in my age group. Seems to me I wasn't the only one having a problem with the race today.

Note: Official time: gun time: 26:28; chip time 26:18.

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