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Sunday, October 25, 2009

State Fair 2009

The state fair is something I truly enjoy going to. It reminds me of all the fairs I went to as a child:

* in the Philippines, it was called the HOG - Happening on the Green. I played high rollers to win glass figurines, or rode the swings and other thrill rides with my friends. I rode the ferris wheel every year until one year, I suddenly had a great fear, when the ferris wheel was going down (instead of up) and I had to crouch close to the floor of it. It also gave me an opportunity to ride the buggy rides with Aric, the guy I had a crush on for nearly most of my sixth grade year.

* in Arkansas, it was the County fair. Smaller but I would still be excited. Rode a lot of thrill rides with my friends and at that time, I was trying to win those glass plates with band names on it. WTF were those? I see them still at the fair and I have no idea why they were ever created.

* in Florida, there was a county fair but it was HUGE. I placed second or third in poetry for my middle school. I wish I had that poem now...all I remember is something about "star-crossed lovers". But this fair, which was near Miami, was HUGE. This one had its own roller coaster and ski-lift like ride that encompassed the fair. I got my dad on the roller coaster. That was cool. Right after we got off of it, the coaster got stuck. I remember being sad that I missed the opportunity to be on the ride that got stuck.

When we moved to Raleigh, Tim and I went to the fair nearly every year. We go for a few hours, waste money on the games, and eat everything and anything that came our way.

When CJ was born, we took her to her first fair, at four months old. It was FREEZING that year. And we bundled up and took her anyway. I remember some old bitty, as we were buying more grease to eat, saying to us 'you shuldn't bring that baby out here in the cold!' BAH!

So we continued our tradition and have made it every year. I love it. Maybe not the same as when I was a teenager, but fun nonetheless.

This year was a great year. The crowds, which I typically hate, didn't seem to bother me. We gave the girls a budget so that we weren't throwing $3 all over the place to shoot water into a hole to win a stuffed animal worth, well, $3.

Food, of course, has no budget. :) The standard fare: sausage dog, Al's french fries, funnel cakes, fried dough, chocolate covered frozen banana, deep fried oreos, coke, lemonade, ice cream and cotton candy. I don't think we hit any of the food groups there...oh wait, the banana.

We used up all the ride tickets I bought ($50 worth). That was my goal this year. Usually we have some leftover. Not enough to sell but a few to get a ride or two in. I didn't want to do that this year. If that meant ME riding the rides, so be it!

But thankfully, the girls got their rides in. CJ is still tentative about riding the bigger rides. That may come more from peer pressure from gal pals than mom and mi-mi. But we did ride the sizzler together: me, CJ and Mi-Mi. I would've LOVED that ride as a teen...and although I wasn't afraid to get on it, once it started going, I thought "Oh shit. I have to stay on this one for how long?" It was daunting for me. Lots of full force swinging in every direction.

Tim said CJ and I never opened my eyes. Um, my eyes were open, they were just looking down. I had a hard time picking up my head from the g-forces pushing it down. And both girls slammed into me so I was wedged in one position. It was making me feel so odd that I was worried for my girls. Tim told me that Mi-Mi was wide-eyed the entire time, happily screaming with joy. This was CJ's favorite ride of the evening.

I was able to get Mi-Mi to ride the water slide with me. I rode it a couple of years ago with CJ, who got a little scared by it. I couldn't believe Mi-Mi would join me but she did. Ran for it too. We got in and I was still worried that she would start to get far so good.

The ride is like a toboggan, but the littlest has to sit behind the adult. This is a bit awkward as the toboggan goes up, because it's so steep that the littlest pulls on me and it feels like she could slip away. This is what freaked CJ out a few years ago. I remembered it so I held on to her hands tightly so Mi-Mi wouldn't feel like she would slip away. This makes it, again, awkward for me because I only have one hand to hold on to anything to keep me from slipping away. But once that puppy goes down...exhilaration! And the first 'down' didn't seem to phase Mi-Mi with fear. The last one is much higher and since Mi-Mi is scared of heights, I thought "Oops. I forgot how high this thing gets!"

But nope - she was yelling about how she could see EVERYTHING and was asking me to look at the ferris wheel. Apparently *I* wasn't as brave as my six year old! I was sooooo proud and thrilled that she was excited by the ride. And when we got off, she was ready to ride everything -- just like me. I was going to try the alpine ones -- you know the ones that just go round and round really fast? But Tim thought it might be too much for her...and apparently, after riding the sizzler, it would have been too much for me!

We won some worthless prizes towards the end, so the girls were happy. A 5-9 trip to the CJ told us when we were leaving: enjoy it all now...we won't get to do this again for another year.

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  1. You're making me wish we had gone this year! I just didn't have my act together, but I'll have to try harder next year!