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Friday, October 02, 2009

School Dance

My little big girl is going to her first school dance tonight.

At least I hope so.

She was thrilled to learn that Middle School would have school dances. But when the day came closer and closer to reality, she was unsure that she would actually want to go.

And because CJ has a harder head than me, and can be easily swayed the way I would not want her to go, I had to tread lightly with the subject matter. "It's up to you. I think you would have fun."

I told her to find out if she could bring a friend from another school. She did. She can't. But at this point, it was the wisdom of a "colleague" that convinced her to go. A friend told her "You should go to the dance because everyone will talk about it on Monday and you will feel left out if you don't go."

She then said to me "even if I just go for an hour". I agreed and told her that I could just wait nearby and come get her when she was ready. She said "Yeah. You could go grocery shopping at the Harris Teeter [there's one right at the corner] and that [grocery shopping] will take as long as I'll want to be there."

I agreed. But did say that she could stay as long as she wanted. The whole dance lasts three hours three hours, which truly, isn't a lot of time.

So she planned her outfit. Tim got her one part of it on Wednesday; we got the rest on Thursday.

I loved my school dances in Middle School. Me and a group of girls would be taken there with a parent and dropped off. The rest of the night was filled with looking for other friends (that we had just seen hours before) and hug them with delight, as if we hadn't seen each other in forever. Then the next task was to find all the boys that we liked and hoped that they would ask us to slow dance. And miraculously, they did. I was able to dance with every one of the boys (throughout middle school) that I had crushes on. They still broke my heart, but in that one instance that I could dance with them, it was Xanadu.

Then the other part of the evening included tearfests...over what? I don't recall. The boy we love dancing with another girl perhaps? Girl fights? I just remember joy, excitement, and tears were on the agenda for school dances. Oh yeah. And sometimes dancing.

I remember clearly my first dance. I had finally been able to dance with Yung Hill, the boy that me and at least two of my girlfriends were in love with. Somehow, we shared him. But I finally had my slow dance with him and I was in heaven. At some point, mid-dance, I feel a sharp tap tap on my shoulder. I turn to look and dad. He points to his watch: it's time to go. WHAT?? Can't you see I'm doing something here????? Embarrassed, I turn and leave with my dad, who has no concern for my well-being, just that it was 'time to go'. I don't even remember if I left Yung Hill standing there, confused as to what just happened.

But thankfully, that was the last time my dad came IN to get me. I could meet him, or another parent, outside, when the dance was over.

And that's where I'll be tonight. If CJ wants to be there an hour, or three hours, I'll be sitting in my car, waiting patiently for her...hoping she's having the time of her life...minus the tears.


  1. wow. that's kind of an emotional peice of writing. wasn't really expecting that. my middle school dances were filled with me checking out all the galz, being afraid to ask for dances, and in the end acting a fool on the dance floor. eventually I danced with a few galz but not every girl I wanted too. :-( Hope your little girl has fun. All she needs is that one friend to hang with all night and she will be good to go. Looking forward to the post dance blog!

  2. Joel: Lately, I have had this melancholy emotional aura about me. It's that time that I am hit with the reality that my little girl is growing up. It makes me reflect on my own youth: where I was at her age.

    I didn't elaborate that, although I was able to get a dance with the boys I had crushes on, I never got to date them...well, except a couple one is a future blog post and the other was Yung Hill, and it was fifth grade. We didn't do anything that dating encompasses except to say "we are going out" :).

    You probably broke the hearts of the girls you didn't dance with *and* the galz you did dance with were probably in the same place I was and wondered why u never asked them out...