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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Run for Healthier Babies 5K Race Report

I need to be specific about my race goals. Breaking 25 minutes means 24:59 to me. The funny thing? I did that. According to my watch. But that is not the official gun time. That would be 25:05. So I'm not done yet. I have to try at my next 5K...Free to Breathe on November 7th.

But I have no complaints.

Today was a great race day for me.

I didn't choke.

I ran a great pace.

I felt great.

It felt hard.

The weather was perfect.

The course was nice.

And no one around me seemed to bother me...heavy breathing and all.

The morning started off pretty well until we were all in the car and Tim asked me where we were going. Huh? So I had to find the address. "Morrisville" is not enough information to get to the starting line.

Once there, I got my shit and listened to the introduction of why the race was around: benefiting the March of Dimes. I am *so* happy to run races for charity. There are few that actually profit, but they are there. I am making a conscious effort to avoid those races.

I found Coach B and she gave me the "go get 'em" talk that pumped me up. I was ready although I am always doubtful about how I will do. I just tried not to think about that..."Just show up and run" is what I was going for.

I found $Bill at the start line and then we were off. $Bill took off like a bat out of hell. I stayed on course...*my* course... I noticed I was running a sub-8 minute miles and thought 'what the hell is Bill doing?' :)

I kept looking at my watch -- so there will probably be many pictures of that...Tim will love that since the only two pics he got of me are looking at my watch (this seems to be my modus operandi).

My first mile I stayed under 8 minutes; the second I stayed in the low 8s; the third, I was back in the mid-7s. I couldn't believe it. It all felt really good but really hard. After I finished, I told Bill, Tim and Coach B that I couldn't even say "thank you" to the volunteers. Coach B said 'that's good - you can thank them after wards.' Meaning -- I should be pushing hard and not able to talk. I was very happy that I did that today.

So the end result is that I made my goal. I ran 24:59 (can you believe it?) and my splits were:
Mile 1: 7:57
Mile 2: 8:03
Mile 3: 7:52
.01: 1:07

My official time, however, is 25:05 so I didn't make my goal to the unfortunate gun time, which ends up being the official time. So as I mentioned earlier, my goal is much more clear: my official time needs to be under 25 minutes. I have another chance in two weeks.

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  1. 'what the hell is Bill doing?' - I was off to see the wizard ;-)

    I don't think I would tie a time goal like breaking 25 minutes to the official time, the chip time is much better to use. It's not as big a factor in a small race like this one as we were close to the front, but still 4 or 5 seconds of the Official time. Imagine if someone at NY marathon set a time goal and wanted to use the official time, they would have to run 30 minutes under that goal to meet it. But if you insist, make sure you start at the very front at the next race so you don't get a big time lag.

    I think the course was a bit long also. I told coach B, that I thought it was going to be long based on my mapping it on the usatf site and that was another reason I started off so fast. I guess the splits you listed were from your watch and not when you crossed the markers on the course as 1:07 is way too long for .1 and I'm sure you were sprinting it in.

    Great race, you rocked it, and if your chip time is < 25 I would consider it "Goal Achieved", we'll just have to wait and see when they post the results because it's going to be close.