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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Push It Baby, Push It Baby, Out of Control

I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment that Coach B had me run 10 miles six days after I just ran a 10 mile race...but then my BFF Frank was doing *20* miles, so then I thought "so what? i didn't sign up for a marathon! two 10 mile runs in a row???"

But honestly, I wasn't so uptight about it. And until mile 9, I felt pretty darn good. Mile 9.33 has a big steep hill and there was no way in hell my legs had anything left to even attempt to run up them. But the rest of the run had me at sub-10 minute pace and while I wouldn't say it was "comfortable", it certainly was do-able for several miles.

I started late but there were many groups getting started after me. That made me feel better as I'm still wary of the greenways from Shelley Lake. But there is nowhere else in the area that you can get 10 flat miles.

I went with music today...until 5.5 when the music died...well, the iPod. I survived and had enough hellos and mornings to give to my fellow runners. Today's random playlist:

Intervention by Arcade Fire - I actually selected this one. I wanted to start with this wonderful song. Video is disturbing but apt.

Queen of the Air by Everclear - One day I will write a review on this album, which makes my all-time favorite albums.

Shimmy by System of a Down

Starstrukk by 30H!3 - Not a great song, but not a bad one. This is one of CJ's songs. But what I loved best were these lyrics, which is included in this post's title:
Push it baby, push it baby,
Out of control,
I got my gun cocked tight and I'm ready to blow,
Push it baby, push it baby,
Out of control,
This is the same old dance that you already know

I liked that I was doing my second 10 mile run in a week and this seemed fitting to rev me up for my next nine miles.

Electra Made Me Blind by Everclear

The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson - another one of my favorite albums and favorite bands. This album was the album I engulfed my life in while pregnant with CJ *and* Mi-Mi. I wanted to play this during my labor for both girls. Sadly, CJ HATES Manson now.

Pale Green Stars by Everclear - one of my favorite songs on this album. I wanted to sing out loud while I was running. But I didn't.

Mr. Brightside by Marty Casey

The Caterpiller (Flicker Mix) by The Cure - I remember when I bought this album. I was in a local music video store in Greenville, NC, while I was attending ECU. I was browsing through the used CDs and found this album when peripherally, I saw a guy come out of the back "curtained" room and approach me.

"Hey, I know you from the Croatan". The Croatan being the cafe that me and my BFF Kris would meet before our classes.

I remember he wore a shirt that looked like skull and crossbones until you got close enough to see that they were actually people figures in various sexual positions. Ewwww.

He continued to hit on me for the next few weeks. I don't remember how I shook him off but that's what I remember anytime I hear this album.

Science by System of a Down

Disturbia by Rhianna - the glory of "shuffle": to go from SOAD to Rhianna. I'm neutral-to-leaning-towards-not when it comes to Rhianna...but I didn't want to move my hand up to my arm to press the next button.

Knights of Cydonia - Muse - one of my latest favorite bands. My girls love them too, which makes me happy. They are touring with U2. Everyone is all about U2. I just want to see Muse. But I have to wait until they tour with a cheaper band.

The awesome YMCA counselor said she saw Muse at The Cat's Cradle a few years ago. She said they were awesome. She also said she didn't want to pay $120 to see old men sing, referring to U2. Loved it. She also referred me to other bands to look up: Mew and another one that I can't remember...thank goodness she wrote it down for me.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson

I'm With the Band by Little Big Town

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