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Friday, October 30, 2009

Post-Runner's High

Do you have those moments where you think "How the heck did I do that?" That would be yesterday's negative run.

I had seven miles with the last three being 9:00-9:15 pace. $Bill decided to change his run to my run, under the guise that this one would be easier (and it is, if you compare it word-for-word to his).

We started off pretty good. At least I felt great. The weather was a bit warm, but not upsetting with the pace we were doing. I was chatty catty, as usual, and felt a bounce in my gait because I was just feeling "it".

But things changed when we upped the pace. The bounce deflated. The chattiness died down. The weather was HOT and my short-sleeved shirt became an annoying piece of clothing that I wanted to rip off. I was no longer feeling "it".

And this was at the start of the run.

And it got worse because all we had to run was UP. We had a good mile before we found anything remotely going DOWN.

But we did it. And our silent communication skills were off.

I trailed behind $Bill, who was earlier implying that he wasn't going to go faster and that he would trail behind ME.

I contemplated on just slowing the pace down...maybe even WALKING. But at some point, I decided to do what I could to keep up with him so I got even-stevens with him. To him, this meant he was going to slow. To me, this was catching up to the pace we should be doing.

Completing this long hill is one of those moments where I think "how the hell did I do that?"

Then we hit the down part and I seemed to recover well from the hellacious hill. I am feeling pretty good...not "it" because I know I have more hills ahead. I tell Bill "I'm not going to make those hills" and he says something like 'cuz we are running too fast.'

At some point, I get these brain fogs where things don't process well. Like trying to slow down because I am running faster than my goal pace. That is what was happening to me then. I would look at my watch and see 8:3x and not slow down. According to Bill, I would actually speed up.

The hills hurt. I wanted to cry thinking about how much more I had to go before the finish. Why the hell do I do this to myself?!?

And we just kept pushing forward ahead. Every hill. We even had a stitch! And we finished strong. Seven miles, the last two at 8:50 pace, a good 20-25 seconds faster than the goal pace.

I remember telling Bill, after taking my shoes off, then limping around (my left foot has been sore for a week or I think it's funny that I run fine then limp to walk), I'm never doing that again!

But reflecting on it, I am sooooo proud! I am so happy that we did that. It was a hard workout. We pushed ourselves way out of our comfort zones, which is HUGE for me.

I probably will avoid doing a negative workout on that particular routes but I am quite pleased that I did it. That person yesterday was awesome.

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