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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

LA Part Two

Day one of the conference was pretty cool. Although there was a lot of the expected marketing spiel, the end brought an amazing preview of the movie Avatar. It felt like we got to see almost the entire film, as we had narrated previews between movie clips from the film's producer, Jon Landau. To top it off? 3D on a 60 foot movie screen in the Nokia Theater. I wasn't really into this movie until now. Forget Christmas. December 18th is now on my calendar.

The keynote session ran way over that some of the labs were moved back 30 minutes. And the schedule changed a little bit...which I hadn't realized until three hours after my first session when I noticed that the room I was in was not for the session I signed up for. Hmmm...I thought it seemed a little light. Oh wells.

For some reason, my sessions are the furthest away from anything. It's a long walk and I have my most comfortable heeled wedges, which aren't so comfortable walking back and forth, standing around, for nine hours. I have blisters. And these are my comfy shoes. There are other women around me with less comfortable shoes, faking the "i'm-not-in-pain-in-these-shoes" walk. And we'll do it all over again today.

It's been cool, thus far. No one has pissed me off. :) I have been hanging out with my colleagues, which is great with quite a few of them, who I only know from shared knowledge but not actually socializing with them. So far, I haven't pissed them off...?

Today was a run day for me. I was hell bent on doing it, even if it meant running on the damn treadmill. But I really really really want to see the scenery of downtown LA. But LA is not safe and even though I had a friend volunteer to run with me, I decided to bag it when we left the ESPN Zone eatery at 9PM. I was exhausted and felt like my feet - and legs - had enough punishment for the day.

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