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Monday, October 05, 2009


Finally. Made. It.

It's now 6 AM and I've been up for an hour. Still on East Coast time. I still feel tired though. Yesterday was spent entirely traveling.

Tim and the girls dropped me off at RDU at 9:40ish so I could get my shit together for my 10:55 flight to Dallas. Mi-Mi gave me three notes in the car:

We are leaving to go to airport.

I'm so sad your leaving! (she drew a picture of her crying)

But I'm so happy we're eating kids cuisine! (happy face)

Ask me if I cried...

I get on the plane and end up with the most turbulent ride of my life. I did not look at weather reports so I had no idea there were storms around Arkansas, so we were shaking and a grooving on this ride. I sat in the back and I could hear the dishes and utensils falling behind me. And worst of all? The calm flight attendant saying on the PA "EVERYONE GET BACK TO YOUR SEATS!" It was like a comedy, but not so funny.

And not so funny because that ride came in late and made me miss my connecting flight to LA. I met a colleague at the end of the turbulent ride who is also on his way to the Adobe Max we managed to book ourselves on the next flight, which was leaving at 3:55...I was supposed to leave at 1:25.

I managed to get on via standby on a 3:35 flight. If I was a frequent traveler (or an Amazing Race contestant), I would have immediately gone to the earliest flight and got on standby there.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, I am 90% sure that I saw Michael Munoz, who was one of the brother stuntmen contestant on The Amazing Race. I just stared at him, thinking "OMG! It's HIM!" and then he caught me looking so I just shrugged (to note that we are in the same boat, missing our connecting flight). I think he knew I knew who he was. I swore that I would get his autograph or get my picture with him if I saw him again, but at that point, I was too chicken. And I didn't see him again; those Amazing Race skills worked for him, most likely, to get him on the 2:30 flight that I didn't think to try for.

The flight from Dallas to LAX was great. Great landing. I rated it an 8. My bag was waiting for me since it got there before me. BTW, again, not a frequent traveler, but American now charges for a single bag to be checked in!! When did that happen???

I asked for help to getting to the Wilshire. I think I said "Will Shire" to which the traveler's aid guy said "willshirrr? DOWNTOWN?" Um...I don't know where the hell it is...WILLSHIRRRR!

So he pointed me to the super shuttle guy to take a van to the willshirrr downtown. I find the super shuttle guy and he says the same thing "Willshirrr DOWNTOWN?" Um, what's going on here? I didn't PICK downtown! ADOBE MAX DID!

After a good half hour waiting in the windy & bitingly cool median for van #670 to take me to the willshirrrr downtown, I finally make it on a packed van with a grumpy and scary-driving van driver. I winced, crumpled, and any other dramatic motions one can do in a van full of complete strangers. I tried not to look. I don't know how I made it out alive. But I did.

The hotel is wonderful. The downtown area is beautiful. I don't know why the tone! I walked a bit, looking for a place to buy toothpaste (hotels should really invest in those trial packages to give out to forgetful people like me) and it reminded me of NYC, except the foot traffic. There were hardly any people around the area...the foot traffic resembles Raleigh downtown foot traffic.

But for the most part, it is well-lit, lots of cops, at least near my hotel, so I was only mediumly paranoid about being killed by a psycho.

I ate solo at the hotel's italian restaurant. Decided to have the RISOTTO! Not bad, but nothing amazing.

Now it's morning time and I am meeting my colleagues in about 45 minutes to head over to the conference. I'm looking forward to it. And hope to get some good anecdotes to share on a future post.

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