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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

This novel was beautiful. I loved it. Initially, I had trouble reading it...deciphering what was happening. But the characters are engaging right away. I was hooked and it just got deeper and deeper for me.

As always, my opinion is if you want to be wonderfully surprised, pick up this book and read it. Know that it is prosaic, beautiful and a tad bit off. The beauty of this book for me was not really knowing what it was about and the surprise I got in a beautiful way. Don't read anymore of this. Stop. Read the book. Then come back and finish the rest of this post.

The book is a mystery. A mystery that I didn't realize was there until halfway through. And I found myself flipping back chapters to re-read sections after I thought I discovered what was the truth.

Leo Gursky and Alma. Alma, the beautiful, young girl who is named after the love of Leo's life. Leo, the oldest man in the world (as Alma put it), a lonely old man waiting for death...who pines for Alma, the woman he loves, who he had a son with, Isaac Moritz, the world famous writer...who doesn't even know Leo is his father, let alone exists.

But within this profound novel is another novel, The History of Love. It is a novel that was written for a woman named Alma, who Alma, the young girl, is named after. Her father, may he rest in peace, gave this book to the woman of his dreams, Alma's mother. And now, a mystery person is asking for this beautiful Spanish novel to be translated into English, which is what Alma's mother is doing.

Slowly but magnificently, the mysterious unravel and what I thought happened didn't happen. And the ending was picture perfect. This will definitely be one book I would pick up again to read. I am so grateful when there are people out there that can write this...

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