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Saturday, October 03, 2009

The First Dance

CJ made it through her first school dance. She even closed the house down.

She told me in the car 'they had to kick us out!'

She sounded so exhilarated when she called to tell me she was done. I was just soooo happy for her.

It started with the first text message she sent me after she got out of school "when r u piking me up?"

Once I got her, she talked a little bit about it. I asked what time it started...6:30, right? Yes, she says, "but I want to be fashionably late".


I decided I would take her out to dinner beforehand and I brought all the necessary paraphernalia: Cooking Light magazine, two books, and my iPod touch. CJ suggested that I head to the Harris Teeter, grab a movie from Redbox, and watch it while I wait for her in the parking lot. One idea that I didn't think of!! Brilliant! But I was committed to the items I had already brought.

I had a coupon for buy one get one free at EVOO. As luck would have it, EVOO is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the school dance. We arrive and....EVOO is closed for good. I then remembered reading about it not too long ago.

So I decided to give NoFo a try. It's also on the same road, just further down in the Five Points area. Don't forget, I'm taking my picky eater out.

Picky eater did well, since they had a kid's menu. And she was really trying to make a night out of this: she was really trying to decide whether she ordered the chicken fingers (which she said she really felt like eatin) or ordering from the non-kid's menu...a cheeseburger.

The complimentary bread came out and she actually tried dipping it in the olive oil. Whose child is this??

On the way to the dance, she asks "Are you really just going to sit in the parking lot, waiting for me?" I was. But I told her that I would probably go and get a coffee or something.

But I didn't. I did fine with my own quiet time: read my magazine, played solitaire and listened to several of my KATG podcasts. It was great, actually. I did get antsy at the end. All the parents were arriving, forming a blockade behind me, as they waited in their cars for the dance to be over.

Then I got the call.

She danced, socialized, and was just glowing... No boys to dance with though. She didn't seem disappointed about that now...we'll see for the next one. Which is in December.

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