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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I had an EEG; my first.

Just to clarify, this is an electroencephalography...not to be confused with an EKG (or ECG), electrocardiography.

An EEG records electrical activity in the brain.

To make a long story short, I had a weird thing happen several weeks ago that appeared to be a TMI, or a mini-stroke. So far, I have had an MRI and a blood test and it doesn't appear to be a mini-stroke. The EEG was another test to go through to see if my brain is showing signs of seizures.

The EEG is a sleep study. The instructions for me was to be sleep deprived. And no caffeine. Lucky I remembered as I semi-dozed on the sofa this morning or I would have been amped on some Jet Fuel.

Sleep deprivation wasn't a problem. I have been insanely tired since coming back from LA but Mi-Mi helped out last night by keeping me awake. She hurt her shoulder in a monkey-bars accident on Tuesday and hasn't been able to sleep well at night due to the pain and uncomfortableness. So she likes to share her misery with me.

Got up pretty early (5:30) and walked around like a zombie. I wasn't sure if I could drive myself to the appointment without dozing off. Course, once I get there, although I don't feel wide awake, I have that pee-in-the-cup syndrome where I think "I can't fall asleep under pressure!"

I had a chatty technician, as she marked my scaled then put the nodes on. That actually felt really good. Then she walks me to a room that looks like a find hotel room. Queen sized bed with nightstand, etc. Really nice!

She tells me to get comfortable and I lay there while she leaves and then talks to me via an intercom.

First thing is some kind of strobe light that flashes on my closed eyes. I thought with the first flash that I was going to have a seizure...seriously...but it went away and I thought it might have just been a minor, nervous attack.

The second thing I was supposed to do was blow on a pinwheel. You heard right: blow on a pinwheel! I kept doing this, thinking I was going to pass out in all the breath I was taking to blow on it. The whole time I thought there were people watching the camera just laughing "Can you believe Brenda has this patient blowing on a pinwheel!!!"

She was coaching me too: "you're doing great!" "keep it up" "almost finished" It was as if I were running a race!

After the pinwheel event, I could get comfy and try to sleep. She even said "Good night" when she signed off. I wondered if I could and I did. It seemed like 10 minutes later she woke me up but told me she let me sleep for 20 minutes.

Before she let me get up, however, she said she had to ask me a few questions. Huh?

First question "What year is it". Um, I actually had to think about it. It seemed too obvious that I could answer it so quickly. I answered "2009". Long pause. I had to think again if I answered correctly before she asked the next one..."Who is the President of the United States?" I said "Barack Obama" but when I thought about how I said it, it sounded like "barrack obamma". This was an even longer pause and I started panicking: did it sound like Barack Obama *to me* but incomprehensible to her? Still nothing from the intercom. Hmmm...did she hear me? Maybe she didn't hear me and she's waiting for me to answer? OMG! What do I do? Should I say "um, hello?" Or repeat my answer? While ruminating on the situation, she came in to the room and told me I did good. :)

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