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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do I Know You??!

During Adobe Max, I couldn't seem to connect to the wifi with my iTouch. My laptop wouldn't connect either so I thought there was a problem with the particular wifi service I was trying to connect to.

On the very last day, after all was said and done, I complained to my peer how I couldn't connect to the wifi that Adobe had for "us". He took a look at my iTouch and simply took it out of my hands and started mucking with it. I thought nothing of it and went on to have discussions with the other peers. A couple minutes later he handed it back, connected to the wifi.

Reflecting back on this reminded me of the time that *I* took hold of someone else's iPhone. And this time, not with someone I knew...just someone I had just met. She was trying to get twitter running and I took *her* iPhone out of her hands and started mucking with it.

Is this what we do? We are soooo comfortable with our iPhone devices that we just assume the role of 'owner' when we encounter someone else's iPhone problem? Hey, it doesn't bother me :) but since when do I take over someone's phone or laptop?

Just thought it was an interesting observation...

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