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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clearing Out the Cobwebs

Monday I had a hectic morning, as usual. I had a meeting to get to and was thinking about all the stuff I need to get done for the day, and for the days ahead.

My mom and her man, GB, were also on their way to see me. I wanted to get a call into her to let her know that:
1. CJ was going to be bold and attempt to take the bus HOME.
2. How to get into the house.
and 3. around about time that I would be home.

All of which she talked over me with "yeah, yeah, OK". Then she asked "what exit off 540 do we need to take to get to your house?"


I'm trying to think and picture 540 to my house. The image is not clear.

My mom interrupts my hard thinking with more explanation because she I guess she thinks I just decided to stop talking to her.

But I was trying to see how to get to my house from 540 and I couldn't see it. So I said 'not need 70.'

'Here, talk to GB' and then he gets on and he asks the same thing...I tell him 'you need to get to 70 to Lynn...' and before I could continue he says "I KNOW WHERE LYNN IS I JUST NEED THE EXIT FROM 40". In my panic I said "not 540...70".

And that was that and I went on with my day.

After my first morning meeting, I went out for an intended four mile run with some fast strides at the end. I was humming along, enjoying my iPodless was a beautiful day and none of the hills that usually piss me off, pissed me off. Throughout my run my mind wandered to the past morning's events and what I had ahead of me. Approaching the three mile mark I realized "Um, I told my mom the wrong thing! It *IS* 540 *THEN* 70!!!" I was more upset that they would have one over me: you can't give directions. So I rushed back to the gym to try to get a hold of my mom, just in case they hadn't made it to Raleigh (which was very unlikely).

The whole rushed time back to the gym, I am just kicking myself for giving bad directions. And then I go to the blame game "Why can't they have GPS???" "Why can't they print out directions" know, trying to figure out why it can't be _my_ fault!

I get back, call, get VM. I leave a message "I'm a dimwit. Gave you wrong directions. Wasn't thinking straight. So Sorry!!! So. So. SORRY!!" Basically, "I suck".

Come to find out, when I got home and apologized again, GB said that the exit sign reads 540/70 so I *was* right. :) I just don't think that counts...

But amazing, in reflection, how I can clear out all that stuff in my head while out for a run.

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  1. It really was a beautiful day for a run, and i had a similar experience to yours in that none of the hills pissed me off. Today it was a little warmer and i had to work harder so i got pissed.

    So funny that one of your motivating factors was so they wouldn't have one over on you! I so understand this - my family can be like that too!