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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Workout Partner

Yesterday I let the day get away from getting my workout in. At least up until 8PM. After a good pep talk from Tim ("the day's not over; you still have time to get your workout in") I found my second wind and said "I'll do it!"

The workouts I do at home are from the P90X plan. If you have done these, then you know: these are not easy workouts. For the most part, I really love these things. I see results. But they are so GD hard that you hate them because, well, it's gonna hurt and it's gonna be hard to do.

So I put myself in a robotic mode, where I try not to think about it other than "I'm going to do it." I run upstairs to get my very needed towel and announce to the girls "mommy's going to workout in the basement! anyone want to join me?" I wasn't expecting any kind of answer, but perhaps someone would accompany me and just hang out while I'm crying in pain.

Mi-Mi, in her usual sweet voice that melts my heart always, excitedly proclaims "I want to! I want to!". She then tells me she needs to get her workout clothes on. And she does: cute shorts and tank top.

We head down to the basement and I roll out a mat for her and find her teeny-tiny weights that we got from somewhere (where? I have no clue). The first few minutes of the workout is a warm-up but I know that once we start the actual workout, I'm going to lose her but right now...I thought this would be fun.

We start: running in place. She is going. And fast. Then we get to jumping jacks. She is loving it. And her attention is focused on Tony Horton and listening/following to his every word.

Running lunges throws her off and I lose her for a split second: "I can't do these!!!!" I tell her 'let's do jumping jacks instead' and she complies but at the end, decides to give running lunges another start and gets it. She is beaming with pride.

Next is the easy part: stretching! We do a few and then when we get to the part where you stand straight, arms in the air, and bend to the left/right, she flips. "I CAN'T DO THESE!!!"

I think: ignore her and she'll try again.

Nope. Wrong thought.

Tears. Real ones from frustration.

I then say "don't worry about it, you can jump in at the next stretch."

Now she is throwing a fit, crying badly. And through the tears I hear her say "pause it! pause it!" I tell her "it's not a biggie, there are other exercises you can do." "I DON'T WANT TO. MY ARMS ARE GONNA BE FLOPPY!!! MY ARMS FEEL FLOPPY!!"

And it dawns on me and I just laugh. I can't help it. She had stretched one side of her body and couldn't do the other side. Now her arms were "floppy" since the other arm didn't get to stretch. Hey, it's the whole Yoga thing: do both sides to stay in balance! I loved her more than anything at that moment because she knew how to express it in a way that I could understand.

So I paused it. And then after she threw her fit some more, I worked with her to unfloppy her arms.

And that lasted for a few more minutes until we got to the next stretch that she couldn't figure out so I let her throw her fit while I continued on.

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