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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle by L.J. Smith

I decided to read this series after watching the TV show on the CW network. I loved the Twilight Series so much that I was ready to read more stuff that was similar.

When I looked into these books, I found out that The Vampire Series came out in 1991, a good 14 years _before_ The Twilight Series. There are *so* many similarities to the characters in the Twilight Series. I can really see where the ignorant would claim "copycat" on The Vampire Diaries, but in truth, it *could* be the other way around.

Regardless, it is still an enjoyable book. Mind you: NOT GREAT. But decent.

What I don't like is the protagonist of the diaries, Elena Gilbert. I mean, she's OK but her character is the most popular girl of her school. The "IT" girl. And the "IT" girl gets her man, and then some. There are references to her superficiality: she was the center of attention and now she's not...why, she wonders. Since I prefer the underdogs, this did not suit well for me.

Another dislike is that there is more teenage-like story lines here. Where Twilight hit the old mom department (like me), this one does not. I can definitely see where teenagers would love this book but this was just too young for me.

What I do like: the two brothers, Stefan and Damon. Damon is not the nice one but if you are like most girls, the bad guy is usually the one that is most attractive. And Stefan is not too bad either.

So there are the main cast of characters. Elena, the beautiful human that is the eye of both brothers. Brothers who are immortal enemies...both happened to be in love with the same woman TWICE...the other being Katherine from hundreds of years before Elena.

And then the usual teenage angst: concern about someone reading a diary in public, concerned about what others say about each other, you know, the usual boring stuff.

The TV show is good, not great. But it is definitely not following the exact path of the book.

Apparently there are two least one for the trilogy and then apparently, a fourth was written after the fans PLEADED for a fourth. I'll take a break and pick it up soon. But because I can wait kind of gives an idea of how the book placed in my assessment.

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