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Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Sick Show

That show would be Durham County, which airs on the famous ION Television, Mondays at 10PM. I don't know how I came upon this one to add to my DVR but I am so thrilled that I did.

So of course I was intrigued as to what Durham County they were referring to, as Durham County is part of our little Triangle, here in Raleigh, North Carolina. But I found out that this is filmed in Canada and eventually, we find out that they are in Canada. Let me tell you, eh, those Canadians are one sick group of people, eh. At least the ones who came up with this show.

I love sick, creepy shows. And it takes awhile for something to come along that astounds me. Wire in the Blood, a BBC series, is one of those...and still one of my all-time favorites. Netflix has made me a very happy customer by having Season 6 on their "Watch Instantly" program (thus, I can watch the series via Tim's XBox 360).

Dexter is another creepy sick show that's on my favorite list. BTW, the new season starts tomorrow night (9/29) so I will be immersed in sick shows watching Durham County, Dexter and Wire in the Blood.

Despite my first sentence, I have never heard of ION Television. The schedule looks like old shows re-aired. I assumed Durham County was one of those shows and I happened to miss it. But it was getting decent reviews and the premise sounded great...and I still wondered if it was set in the Triangle.

The first episode we had to stop almost immediately. The kids were in the room and the gist of what was going on those first few minutes was not remotely kid-friendly. And while the kids can see more than other kids, they don't get to watch these sick shows, including Dexter and Wire in the Blood.

First Episode Spoiler Alert: I will begin to explain why the show is sick and other details that you may not want to know until you see it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE FIRST EPISODE AND NOT READ THIS. IT IS TRULY A UNIQUE EPISODE.

Detective Mike Sweeney returns to his roots with his wife and two daughters. They move into a neighborhood that looks like homes you would see in the triangle. His wife is recovering from cancer; his oldest daughter is the brood queen and the youngest wears a doll mask...that is creepy in it own right.

The first episode debuts with two young teenagers in the woods, having a picnic with another, older man. They're talking about how old they are, which is what the older man wants to hear. He wants to be with young girls.

But someone else is in the woods watching this picnic session.

The picnic session gets very sexual: the older man kissing both girls then tying up their hands behind their back.

Next shot: one girl is dead; the other is crying. It is extremely difficult to watch because it is just a violent scene. Eventually, the older man kills the crying girl. And on top of that, the watcher in the woods is still watching.

Why hasn't the watcher intervened? The viewer is wondering...until this man returns with his own picnic basket... And the crying girl? He discovers she isn't dead until...he kissing the "dead" girl.

So sicko number two enters the picture and dances (think Twin Peaks) with the almost dead girl. She's barely alive and he is talking to her as if she were A-OK...dancing, and stroking her hair. So we know we have two freaks on our hands...

The second freak, we find out early enough, is Ray Prager. He is Mike Sweeney...DETECTIVE Mike Sweeney's neighbor. And on top of that, they were friends in high school...then became enemies. The relationship between the two is strained. Mike doesn't like Ray and Ray? Well he acts like he likes Mike but we already know what a crazy dude he is.

And it doesn't stop there. I don't want to ruin the next twist. But it's even a tad better than this opening scene of the first episode.

Three episodes have aired. I have no idea if there are repeats. But if you like sicko, creepy shows, you MUST MUST MUST watch this one. It'll blow your mind, eh.

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