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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Man In The Attic

Our house is haunted. And it wasn't _that_ much of a concern until CJ moved into her new room. Suddenly we have 'the man in the attic'.

Spooky, huh? The mind of a warped 11 year old.

So she hears sounds in the attic and decides it's a man that lives up there. Tim takes her up there. No one is there (we didn't think so, if you were wondering).

I thought we were done with the 'man in the attic' stuff until a couple of days ago.

We have been contemplating after-school care for CJ. Mi-Mi is set but because CJ is older and in middle school, there are fewer options for after school care than elementary-aged children.

The YMCA has a program that we are considering, although we aren't thrilled about it. Babysitter is an option too but we went through our life savings over the summer to pay for the one we had. So I considered having CJ stay at home, alone for ~2-2.5 hours. I would work a schedule that would allow me to get home at a set time, if Tim couldn't be there.

She has been left home alone before *but* with Mi-Mi there. So 'by yourself' alone is different than 'no parents, no Mi-Mi'.

Tim decided to give her a test run a couple of days ago. He called me up, found out I was 15 minutes from the house, and said he would go get Mi-Mi and leave CJ alone. Approximately 13 minutes later, I am at the turn to my street and I see a familiar face walking along the sidewalk. It's CJ! WTF??

So I pull over and ask her why she's out there. She said 'Daddy told me if I get scared to go for a walk.' Uh-oh, I think to myself. This home alone stuff is NOT going to work.

I asked her what she got scared about and she told me, 100% serious, even to the brink of sadness: "Because the man in the attic was coming to get me."

Um, what?

Except when I said that, I also laughed out loud. Hysterically. Because it was so funny I thought she HAD to be joking, even though I knew she wasn't.

She continued with: "this is what he's been waiting for. For me to be alone so he could come down and get me."

I react with laughter again, which I don't recommend in a very serious 11-year old moment, because she was none-too-happy with my laughter. I couldn't help it. It's just too ridiculous.

"There is no man in the attic" I tell her...she clarifies with "OK. A _GHOST_."

We got home and I let her settle her nerves a bit. Later, I tried to 'rationalize': if there were ghosts in our house, CJ, they would be from a death in the house. No one has died here. And no one died before us because we met the owners and they are alive and well, as well as their children.

She asks: how do you know that one of their guests didn't die here?!

OK. She got me. But wait! I am rationalizing the concept of having GHOSTS in my my ATTIC!!

I leave it alone. There's no talking sense to her. She has her mind set.

So I contact the Y for more information. We have few options and the Y will have to be it. I let her know and then she cries over that. She doesn't want to go to the Y. She informs me that the night before (I am writing this), she has discovered that the ghost in the attic is actually nice and had her phone tell her what time it was. I don't know exactly what this means but that is what she said. She is now trying to bribe me back to the decision of her staying home, with the nice ghost in the attic.

I'm glad I am not easily creeped out because this could definitely creep out a sensitive person.

Today, while I was waiting for my doctor to show up for a follow-up, I decided to record my blood pressure #s on my iTouch. When I opened my Notes application, the first thing I saw was this note, which took me a few seconds to comprehend how it got there:

I hate the YMCA it's for rich snoty people.

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