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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Magnificent Mile Race Report

First of all: I am a cop out.

I agonized over this measly ONE MILE RACE for a good week.

I did not want to set a goal because I did not want to push myself.

My past track workouts were KILLING ME. They hurt. Real bad. And I have issues with pain from running.

I can endure other pain, like childbirth and tattoos.

But running? I'm a wimp.

Sooooo...when $Bill was planning a sub-7 minute mile, I thought "good for you. I'm just running."

And when Coach B was advising me to run like hell, I would think "um, I will do what I do when the gun goes off".

I just didn't want to put a time on me. And it was ridiculous. I don't know why I was so weird about it but I knew it was weird, even to the very wire of the run.

And then the gun went off and guess what? I ran it. I ran fast. I found a rhythm to breathe without feeling extreme pain (like at the track, but still painful) and at the halfway point, I saw my watch @ 3:28.

I haven't done 3:28, I think, ever. Just a good two weeks ago, I was DYING to even attempt a 3:45 on the track. It. Was. Killing. Me. It. Hurt. Like. Hell.

Those track workouts just beat me down and I just didn't want to feel like that for a whole mile.

But the adrenaline of race day did something and I survived and unofficially, my race time was 7:10 (for 1.04 miles BTW, for a 6:54 mn/mile average!!!).

And I was really happy. It's been ages since I have ever been happy about a race. I always critique myself and think how much better I could have done.

But I surpassed my own expectation...and quite honestly, it helped to not have a goal. I was off the hook. :)

The day started off cool but by race time, which was 2:20 PM, it was quite warm. The men started at 2PM and when I saw $Bill, finished, I was so jealous. YOU'RE DONE. I wanted this thing done, since I had been torturing my brain with the stress of it.

He did well too and I saw him closing in on the last 1/4 mile of the race and he looked like he was in pain. GAWD I did not want to feel that pain.

But when I lined up, I just decided to just go for it. Coach B was so excited about the race that it caught on to me. CJ was running it too and I thought, just let her have a great race. Who cares about me?

The gun goes off and we're off. Empowering to run with fellow females, BTW. CJ was well ahead of me. She had a great start. I felt like I was sluggish: everyone seemed to pass me. I decided to concentrate on getting a good breathing rhythm so that I could survive. And I managed to to do that I felt pretty confident, even though I was still hoping to hurry this thing up.

A little over a 1/4 mile into it, I passed CJ. She slowed down quite a bit but I hoped she could keep a steady pace. After seeing my 3:28 at the half, I felt confident that I wouldn't slow down at all. If anything, I thought I'd be faster but that didn't seem to happen.

As I approached a young teen, I could hear her gasping for air. I definitely didn't feel that way and I felt for her. She started 'crying' (no tears, just pain). I heard someone tell her to lengthen her stride and slow down a bit. The girl cried "mom! please don't leave me!" and I realized that her mom was running stride-for-stride with her daughter, who was in pretty good shape. It was a tender moment during the run and I thought "how the hell is that mom talking to her daughter???" She continued to coach her at the pace we were going. I loved that woman. It's exactly something I would do, I KNOW IT, for my daughter. Even though TODAY, I left her behind. :)

Mi-Mi ran the 1/4 mile race, alongside her BFF Y-Y. They were so cute and Mi-Mi ran pretty well, despite falling down. This could have been the end but she just got right back up and kept running.

Bill and I put in another mile after our mile races. We ran the recreational mile as our "cool down" and I have to say, that was the BEST MILE I have ran in weeks!!

Now I will be positioning myself to cop out of my long runs. I have a 10 mile race in two weeks. Suddenly, I will deem myself as *not* the long distance runner type. I bet I make my coach crazy.

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