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Sunday, August 09, 2009

You're Great but You Suck

That's essentially what I 'said' on a recent survey for the Wake County Library systems.

I love the fact that this library is small and conveniently located near my house, plus on a major byway that I use nearly daily, so it's easy to stop and pick up or drop off my books.

But I hate the staff.

I love the Wake County online system. I can checkout books online and pick them up. I can use the self-serve checkout at my library so that I NEVER HAVE TO INTERACT with the staff, who are horrible.

In fact, the last time me and my girls checked out books, we utilized the self-service checkout. This was just about a week ago. And Mi-Mi noticed that one of the UPC codes (to scan for self-checkout) was missing. Hmmm...this reminds me of something I went through before. So I went to the desk to interact with yet another person (I often see, who is also not friendly, nor not rude, but on the brink of being rude, IMO).

me: Hi. The UPC code is missing from this book.
stoic-Library-Staff-Member: So it is. Guess you'll have to be on the honor system.

And that was it. Did I expect anything more? Not really. But that's why I cannot STAND to interact with these people.

Being a librarian falls into that category of: why does this job stress you out? Much like being a postal worker, what can possibly take place that makes (this) library staff so 'not nice'?

Please, people, don't think I am downplaying the position of postal workers or librarians. I am not being glib about these jobs. I truly believe there is a lot to it than meets the eye BUT WHAT ABOUT THESE JOBS MAKES IT THAT YOUR DAY IS RUINED BY DOING IT?

I've had some stressful jobs. Try being a bank teller and telling people you can't cash their $50 check because they don't have money in their account. Or trying to balance the cash/checks amount at the end of the day. Or asking for ID to even GET money out of their account? "What?! You don't KNOW WHO I AM???"

And yet, I was still able to do my job without pissing people off...for the most part.

But as a book lover, how on earth can being a librarian be that tough? Organizing books? LOVE IT. Checking them in? WOW! Checking them out? I get to see what books people are getting ready to read! How much more voyeuristic can that be? Forget reality TV, I am seeing it up close and personal!

Helping people find articles? I was a card catalog LOVER and now, I can use the internet.

So why must these bitties be so pissy?

I took the survey and overall, rated the library itself well. My overall experience was also highly rated, but in the notes, I made sure to comment that my experience is EXCELLENT if I don't have to deal with the staff. The fact that I can conveniently do anything without meeting with a real human being made for a pleasant user experience.

The next time I went to the library, which was this past Tuesday, the self-service checkout was unavailable. Is this because of my one survey? Highly unlikely. But if they are FORCING PATRONS to interact with the rude humans, they are sadly mistaken in IMPROVING any experience...unless, of course, they replace them.

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