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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

When I finished my track workout this morning, I thought about how, just one week ago, I was running the Chase Run. Where did my week go? It couldn't have been that long ago!

So yes, last Tuesday was another Chase Run. My goal was 8:30 for four miles; I ended up doing 8:47 (that would be minute per mile). And man, I felt dead-in-the-water during that run. I just didn't have it in me. Granted, the week before I had a two day fast and anesthesia (just like the stuff Michael Jackson used!) Wednesday for an outpatient thing-a-ma-job so I felt like just running hard, for four miles, not listening to my head tell me STOP! was a great feat and I was not at all embarrassed by my effort.

Summer running is never good for me. I'm sure it's the same for most others but most times, I feel like I am the only affected by it...or perhaps, the only one complaining and ruminating about it. But I KNOW that I slow down in the humidity. Even though I KNOW this, I still get a bit frustrated with myself.

So my long runs have been a good 30 seconds to a minute slower than usual (again, per mile - running lingo here)...but so have been my short recovery runs *and* my tempo runs! I have one speed now for all runs: slower than usual. But I try not to dwell on the pace and just get those miles in.

Today was my first track workout in a long time. I mean speed work, not just running around in ovals. Today my coach had me do 3x1miles, around 8:15 - 8:30 per mile. We-he-he-hell, last week, I could barely hold an 8:47...which felt HARD...REALLY REALLY FRICKING HARD. So 8:15? I don't think so. 8:30? MMmmmm, that might be pushing it too.

So I started my warm-up run to the track and the first MINUTE was hell. And the great thing about hell is that it goes UP...well, the road does and I have to go up with it. But it ends down and I knew I would get that hell feeling out of my system in a few minutes.

The track was especially busy, with students playing lacrosse and other stuff laid out all over one side of the track. I wasn't sure if I should even run there but I saw one non-high-school-looking runner so I decided to take my chances and wait for someone to ask me to leave before assuming anything else. And no one did and despite having to run around clueless teenagers, it was all good.

I decided not to look at my watch and just run, without worrying about if I could hit even 8:30. I was breathing hard, feeling pretty good but not feeling fast. First mile: 8:17. Whoa! Where did that come from? But damn, I have two more to go.

Second mile felt a little more harder: 8:14. Wow! I'm on FIYARE!

Third mile: 8:21. Funny that it was the slowest and yet, I felt like it was, well, not the fastest mile, but closer to 8:15 than I thought.

My cool down ended up being a slow walk, then a slow jog back to the gym. But I was so tickled with myself that the summer humidity didn't bring me down TODAY.

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  1. why is that post labeled "rude people are everywhere"? It should be labeled I LOVE SPEED WORK..or...I AM FREAKIN' FAST. Nice job on the track. I havent seen the track in a while but I've been thinking about it. Also, couldnt agree more about the damn humidity.