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Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

I can't recall where I found this book to add to my must-reads, but I'm glad I did find it.

First off, this was an extremely slow read for me. I just couldn't get my mind into its world. I've had many things going on that perhaps this is why, or the book wasn't just that good...but I enjoyed the book, so it can't be that. I know I'm looking for that next Pillars of the Earth and I'm not finding that...which leads me to believe that I should just read World Without End and venture right back into Kingsbridge and Ken Follett's amazing storytelling.

But back to THIS book, this was a very nice book that I wish I would have felt a deeper connection to...I am going to attribute it to right novel, wrong time.

Flavia de Luce is an 11 year old aspiring chemist. She is the center of this novel, and perhaps, several others which I will most definitely read. Flavia, or Flave, steals the show. She is brilliant beyond her 11 years and can actually piece things together to solve a crime!

But her antics at doing it is incredible. The novel is light and heartwarming, despite the crime being a murder in Flave's own cucumber garden. How she discovers who it was that was murdered, why he was murdered, and whodunnit, is such a joy to read.

This book is certainly a great book to purchase for one's collection. I might as well have purchased it since I have kept it overdue from the library long enough to rack up some fees (I did get a waiver code for overdue fees I am hoping to use on this one...). But it's a nice hardback, with no book leaf cover -- green with the title imprinted on it...much like a linen/cloth like cover. Beautiful. Like my other book, that I do own, Jane Eyre.

I knew, as I read it, that this could not be the last of Flavia de Luce's criminal investigations. For goodness sakes she's only 11 years old! Plenty of time to read about her mysteries. And all along I thought 'i'm just not into serial mysteries'...but Flavia has proved me wrong and I look forward to her next unsolved crime.

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