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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Scary Movie Week

We have been on a scary movie trend this week. We started with Monday's free Redbox rental (which then cost me a whole dollar since I forgot to return the movie on Tuesday) The Haunting in Connecticut.

I got a good fright from that one - a great scarefest with lots of creepy stuff happening. I even eeked a scream out that everyone in the familia thought was funny. I also watched a lot through my fingers, which for some odd reason, makes me feel 'safe' when I watch these thrillers.

Friday we got to see The Abandoned. Another thriller that was a bit different in scariness from The Haunting in Connecticut, in that I still was scared but could watch more without my fingers keeping me safe. The girls thought it was hilarious - more of a comedy than scary. I don't know why. But in the end, it was hard to piece it all together to make it 'make sense'. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it because it was not a typical Hollywood scary movie (which usually aren't scary) and there were no big name actors to it and it was an indie-based-kind of scary movies that I like. The plot IS meant to be scary and unreal...

We ended the week with a surprise decision from Tim: CJ and I were going to watch The Orphan, while he and Mi-Mi would catch Aliens in the Attic.

The Orphan has been a source of contention between CJ and Tim for awhile. Sometime ago, CJ and Mi-Mi saw previews of this movie online and then when it finally started previews on TV because of its upcoming release, she was adamant that she was going to watch it.

However, Tim was adamant that she was NOT going to watch it. It was rated R and it was SCARY. And Tim did not want her to see something that may traumatize her, even though she thought she could handle it.

I'm a little more lenient. I mean, I won't let her watch The Blair Witch Project (which Tim doesn't thing is a problem) and we both won't let her see The Exorcist. But there are other scary flicks that I don't mind her watching. Some a little more bold, most likely, than other parents with 11 year olds.

But I was OK with The Orphan, especially because I knew she had been tracking this movie for a while and the idea that she wasn't _allowed_ to see it was probably a big frustration: I know what I want but I'm not old enough nor have the power to make it happen.

And if I even thought I would just take her and just act like it was no biggie? Well, that was put aside as soon as Tim looked me dead in the eye and said I. DON'T. WANT. HER. TO. SEE. THAT. MOVIE.


And I wasn't going to argue. He had his reason which were sound. And he is her father (at least that's what we tell him) and I respected his decision.

I tried to talk to CJ about negotiating with him: talk to him. Ask him why he doesn't want you to see it. Tell him why you think you are capable of seeing it. See if you can negotiate an understanding, a deal, something that would lead him to believe that you CAN see it. Try to talk reasonably about it versus being a whiner and hater about it.

My baby is smart but apparently all of that went over her head because she just insisted on being a whiner and a hater about it with her dad. Two weeks ago, this is what she sent Tim via text message:

I am going 2 c orfan 1 day and it wil b soon even if ur taking me or momy sneaks me 2 c it so im not talking 2 u til u say i can c it so go ahed and say it or i wil morf my body in2 urs and i wil say it.

BTW, I LOVE that message. Brilliant and funny. Where does she get that stuff?

So last night was THE night and CJ finally got to see her movie.

And it was pretty good. It wasn't scary; it was more suspenseful and very much like The Bad Seed. I think it was rated R mainly because there are children involved in the suspense and most americans are just too tender-hearted for that kind of stuff.

But again, no well-known actors (my favorite actors in the world are the unknown) and a creepy storyline that is pretty anti-Hollywood. Not totally but a good dose of indie in it. The f-bomb was the punch line of the movie, which was used very well.

So now what? Well, it's back to Project Runway on netflix: season 4 now. There are some instant movies to watch that are scary that I have queued up so we'll probably grab one or two of those in the interim.

But poor Mi-Mi gets stuck either 1) watching scary movies that she doesn't want to see or 2) not being able to see the scary movies that big sis can see.

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