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Thursday, August 06, 2009

One for the Bucket List

So I don't think I can draw up a list of bucket items and write them down all at once. If I try to think of something, I seemed to be pulling things out of the air "oh yeah! flying a kite would be cool". But I hate kites and recall, I have kiteophobia. But my point is, I would be spending more time trying to figure out what I want to do before I die as a research project vs. writing down exactly what it is I would WANT to do.

So today, as I watched an episode of Top Chefs - the one with Season 1 against Season 2 - I knew one item to add to my bucket list: to become a sommelier.

Laugh if you must. Can it be possible at 40 to train to become a sommelier? Yes. I think it is possible.

I don't necessarily need to work at a fine dining place to do the job. I am happy being the wine expert in my own home, hosting parties and pairing the wines appropriately.

But I think it is a great, technical, position in a role that I have a high regard, appreciation and respect for that I would like to hold one day.

I wonder if Sally Struthers has a program for that?

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