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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not A PTA Mom...

I think working on the PTA would be torture. And I actually was co-president of the PTA during CJ's Kindergarten year, which was the first year of her Charter school being in 'business'. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great.

It wasn't bad because it wasn't fully organized. With the schools we are a part of now, I am sure they are fully ripe and I want nothing to do with it.

I am simply not of sound mind and body to be the Jude Cleaver type mom. And my kids know it. And lord knows Tim knows it too.

Tim is the contact for most things related to the kids and school. Yesterday, a mom called Tim to find out if *we* were interested in having CJ carpool with her daughter. Tim contacted (voicemail) her later in the day to say *we* were interested. And last night, she returned the call and discussed the details of what would take place in the next few days.

I sat there listening thinking: typically, this would be a mom job, right? Talking to other moms and ironing out the details of carpools and other extracurricular stuff. But I was sooooo happy to not be on the other end of that phone. Thankful that I have a husband who can do the job that I want nothing to do with.

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