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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jesus Camp

This was a movie I was semi-interested in seeing, as opposed to not-at-all-wanting to see. But the kicker came in two ways:

1. Boston Globe named this as its #17th scariest movie
2. Netflix had this as a 'watch instantly' flick.

So we watched it Sunday afternoon.

Tim had to walk away near the end, while CJ and I finished.

For those who haven't seen it, it is a documentary about an extreme fundamentalist church that provides an extreme fundamentalist camp for children. To learn about Jesus. The way the fundamentalists want you to learn. So that you can carry down their extreme fundamentalist views to your friends, and your children.

The irony is that the pentacostal minister who formed and ran the camp, Becky Fischer, does some comparisons (intentionally or not) to 'muslims' who train their children to shoot and kill with guns. At least SHE's not doing THAT!

But they provide a political slant and worship Bush (movie came out in 2006), wanting prayer back in school, a Roe vs. Wade reversal, and all the typical things that extreme Christian fundamentals believe in.

I wasn't scared. I wasn't entirely baffled, despite the fact that my mouth dropped open several times throughout the film, or I got dizzy because I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.

It's insane. And yet, it's so believable. Not believable like 'I can't believe there are people that really think this way' but believable in that I know there are TONS of people that believe this way.

The things that these extremists believed that made me laugh -- and roll my eyes -- were:
* global warming is a fictional political issue; the temperature has only risen 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (this was said by a a young boy to his affirming mother
* science hasn't proved anything (told to young boy by his affirming mother...who home-schools him)
* Harry Potter, and other warlocks like him, are enemies of God (um, BTW, if you didn't know this, Harry Potter is FICTIONAL)

These people do nothing for their religion except feed their own menial minds. Anyone else who doesn't believe this crap will most likely not be moved by their diatribe. It's just upsetting that they're out there, trying to ruin it for the rest of us who believe in freedom of choice, freedom of RELIGIOUS FAITH, freedom to love who they want to love, freedom from hypocrisy and ignorance.

These people just make my stereotype of religious folks stronger. And by stronger I mean NOT GOOD.

So for my atheist and agnostic friends out there (you know who you are), you want to stir the pot up in your household? Grab a bottle of wine, or two, sit back, and watch Jesus Camp.


  1. Even though i grew up in only a slightly less extreme environment, this movie still made me a bit crazy. I will never truly understand the desire to "force" christianity on others (oh and btw blogger things "christianity" is misspelled when it's not capitalized) and not letting them have freedom of religion. I don't think they really comprehend, what if they were forced to be Muslim? They just don't see that as equivalent. Because THAT would be oppressive. But they don't see themselves as such.

  2. Audrey: I think you said what I was, in a sense, thinking of but you worded it well "what if they were forced to be a Muslim?" That is exactly the problem I have with these types of religous hypocrisy. And by 'these types', I don't necessarily mean extreme fanatics.