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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

I wish I could remember everything my kids say that is just brilliant and/or brilliantly funny. Today, I was able to remember much of the talk.

On the way home from work today, Mi-Mi said "The "c" word is the worst of all bad words".

Uh-oh, I think to myself. When did she hear that one? I haven't used that word lately and we didn't hear it in any recent movies.

After a few seconds, CJ turns to Mi-Mi and asks "what 'c' word?" Which is a dangerous question, don't you think? TELL ME THE WORD YOU SHOULDN'T SAY!

Instead, Mi-Mi spelled it out: C - R - A - P.


This morning, CJ became frustrated with Mi-Mi's descriptive chatter about something.

"UGH. You give too many details!! It's like 'This is what I'm going to do when I saw a tree. First, I'm going to take the leaves off. And the bark is brown. The leaves are green. And so is the grass'"

BTW, Tim (Mi-Mi's 'father') is the same freaking way. It's like he's teaching me the ABCs when he tells me some things...


Tim and I are balancing childcare. We have no babysitter. We have no summer camps. And school doesn't start until August 25th. So the girls end up going with me to work, and sitting in my office for about half a day, doodling, drawing, playing on the iPod. Or they are with Tim at a job site, sitting, in the hot sun, or sitting in his truck, or sitting in someone's house. Extremely boring.

So this evening, Tim asked me what my schedule was like tomorrow, so we could figure out who got the girls when. Before I could reply, Mi-Mi said:

The schedule for tomorrow is: playing on the computer, going to the pool, going to the playground, and then going to Wet-n-Wild.

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