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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cry Me A River

My quote is for the woman who was helping a patient at my doctor's office.

This is related to my Going Postal post about why people find their job sooooo difficult and put it out on others.

I had a follow-up appointment at my doctor's office yesterday afternoon. As I sat and waited, I couldn't help but keep glancing at a young girl sitting across from me, patiently waiting for something.

Finally, one of the women that works there -- a job title I have no idea what would be, but she has helped me check-out, as well as make appointments for me for specialists. Each time I've interacted with her, it's been OK but she definitely acts like she's on the edge of a nervous breakdown. The old "you have no idea how stressful my job is and I can't wait until i retire because I just works so hard that I am so exhausted by 2PM". But she hasn't BLOWN UP around me, so I just think of her as a silly old woman with a stereotypical attitude about her job.

But yesterday took the cake...well, almost.

The young lady apparently was waiting for this old bitty. And the old bitty came out of an office, with her exasperated tone and fast walk of importance and frustration. "I actually have to do work?!" agitation, is how I viewed it.

She plopped herself down exaggeratedly on a chair and started with that stern tone with the young lady, who is now standing near the old bitty.

I eavesdropped as I play solitaire (windows classic, draw three, vegas style) on my iTouch, but my focus is on the interaction with the old bitty and young lady.

The young lady was obviously stressed. To my ignorant eye, she seemed more upset about whatever condition she was dealing with vs. the old bitty, or waiting for the old bitty.

She was soft-spoken while old bitty increased her tenseness in her tone with every question:
OldBitty(OB): What hospital are you going to?
Young girl(YG): The new WakeMed facility.
OB: which one?
YG: I don't know the name - the one off Durant.
OB: Who is the doctor?
YG: I forgot his name. I'm sorry. I didn't pay attention.
OB: it's going to be okay.

The Old Bitty then makes a call, and is talking REALLY LOUD about this girl's appointment at WakeMed. I found this extremely inappropriate as the entire staff and patients in the waiting room can hear what procedure this young girl is going to have Wednesday at WakeMed off Durant Road (i changed the information for anonymity of the young girl, even though I don't know who she is...).

While the old bitty is on hold, she turns, as caring as she can, to the young girl and said 'everything is going to be okay. are you upset about the procedure?' To which the young girl said "No, it's not that. I just don't like feeling like I'm the cause of all of this frustration."

Oh boy. I wanted so bad to go off on the old bitty. It reminded me of a similar-but-not-quite situation, many years ago, where I eavesdropped on someone and called them on it. I wanted to tell the Old Bitty that she was rude to her. But I felt like it wasn't my call. But I felt so much for the young girl, who was obviously upset about something else and then had to deal with this douche, who decided to act like her day was more important than someone else.

I decided I would tell my doctor's nurse. I have a great rapport with her: we talk about our family, vacations, and The Biggest Loser. She would listen and she would concur with me, I thought. I had it all planned out.

And when my nurse called me over? It wasn't her!!! It was someone I had never met before! And I was not prepared. Well, I was. I said nothing. I thought it was a 'sign' that it just wasn't my business.

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