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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being Ironic

I like to be ironic most of the times but sometimes I can't.

Why? Because I think my irony will not "show through". It's too blurry for most people and instead, could be misinterpreted and then I misrepresent myself in a way that I don't want.

Make sense? I thought so.

So here are a few examples.

Several years ago, during the Bush vs. Kerry presidential election period, *I* received a 'letter' from President Bush. Enclosed was his political paraphernalia, including a photograph of he and Barbara Bush. He had that smug smile on his face and the picture just made me LAUGH. And all the while, I am thinking 'how on earth did I get this? I HATE BUSH." So I decided I would hang it in my office because looking at it just made me laugh.

But I didn't want people who didn't know my sense of humor to start thinking that I was for Bush. And even though I, for the most part, care very little what people think of me (I'm always telling my girls, after one calls the other a poo-poo head, if it's not true, what do you care if she calls you that?), it just crossed that comfort zone I have about misrepresenting myself to others. The humor was not all that important anymore. So, I took it down. But I still have the picture somewhere in this office and when I see it, it makes me laugh.

The other ironic thing is my 'Dolce & Gabbana" sunglasses. I hate name brands. I hate when people buy name brands because they do it thinking they are impressing someone (even themselves) and it so un-impresses me. And it may not matter to THEM what I think, which is fine, but this is MY BLOG so I can write how unimpressed I am with your Prada, Gucci, and whatever brand name is out there that I know nothing about because I'm fashion-ignorant.

But while on vacation, CJ and I were in a little shop of delight - where everything was half off and most items were $15 BEFORE the half off! - and there were a bunch of 'name brand' sunglasses.

Coincidentally, I had just read an article on sunglasses. The big lensed kind, like the Jackie-O days that are back in fashion, are really good for your overall eyes in terms of protection. And sitting in front of me, for $5 each, were a bunch of these bug-eyed sunglasses, most with brand names. I laughed when I saw the DG in big letters on the lens of one of the bug-eyed glasses so I purchased.

And while I like them, now I feel foolish with this designer logo on the lens. I'll wear them in the comfort of my car but I think twice before I grab my second pair of low-name brand sunglasses, because I just don't want that image of me to STRANGERS relayed incorrectly. I think it's funny for me to have DG sunglasses for $5. It's also a HA-HA-HA to the fools that will pay $100+ for these glasses all for a stupid brand name!

And lastly, one other item that I probably won't purchase that just makes me laugh. I'm looking for new bumper stickers to replace the faded ones off my car. I'm not sure I'm ready to part with "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own" but it's time is due. I ran across one sticker that was just funny to me "I Found Jesus, He Was Behind the Couch!" But if I put it on, then it could relay a religious order to me vs. keep your religion to yourself. I just want to be funny, slightly ironic. But I'm not sure I'm comfortable with any jesus-freaks coming up to me and laughing ALONG with me.

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